need return adress

  1. i want to return a pair of shoes they send that dont fit
    there gucci store my area doesnt return shoes from online i look at there website and i cant find a return adress i dont have a one that came with my label either all i got is the shoes and the order form and its not on the order form
    by the time i contact them it will be too late im going to the store sunday to ship them it will be the only time ill have please some one help thanx in advanc e;)
  2. I have no idea? Maybe you can you call your local gucci and find out?
  3. ur local gucci should have that address...and do they not sell shoes? if they do they should be able to take it back

    but i would suggest just having them mail it out! itdbe free shippin then nnnnnnnn secure!
  4. last years I return send mail at Gucci CA. but you also return at Newyork . this number at CA store.
    • 347 North Rodeo Drive
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210
      tel 1.310.278.3451
    • 220 North Rodeo Drive
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210
      jewelry boutique
      tel 1.310.271.6896
    • Beverly Center
      8500 beverly boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90048
    • Desert Hills Premium Outlet
      48400 Seminole Drive
      Cabazon, CA 92230
      tel 1.951.849.7430
    • South Coast Plaza
      3333 South Bristol Street
      Costa Mesa, CA 92626
      tel 1.714.557.9600
    • Fashion Valley Mall
      7007 Friars Road
      San Diego, CA 92108
      tel 1.619.298.0748
    • One Union Square Building
      200 Stockton Street
      San Francisco, CA 94108
      tel 1.415.392.2808
    • 333 Santana Row
      San Jose, CA 95128
      tel 1.408.557.9926
  5. this might help too....


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