need GUCCI advice

  1. hi guys,

    im getting my mom a handbag for her 45th birthday, and i really want to get her a Gucci handbag. The problem is, im not very familiar with the brand, but i know she loves it..

    she lives abroad in the middle east for work, so i was thnking of getting her something from the cruise line, but im afraid she wont like it :sad: maybe she'd prefer the GG pattern better

    any advice guys?

    any opinion would be so very helpful :sweatdrop:. thanks

    (these were the ones i thot she might like)

  2. It's 10% off today, everything online at!!!!!

    I like the joy boston, w/ GG plus fabric, very sturdy. And it's the speedy of Gucci and very classy looking.

    The Gucci princy tote looks great too, except do you think she would need something w/ a zipper?
  3. ^^ agree with beejerry. Plus I think the leather is a better choice for a gift. You never know if someone will like the mono, depending on whether she has it already? Very different bags... what a choice!
  4. Def leather- when I buy my Mum Gucci gift i always get her leather!
  5. leather for me too. if she will use it for work, I think it will be more work friendly.