need gift ideas for White Elephant Gift Exchange...

  1. Christmas is around the corner and holiday parties are being hosted every weekend. It is the Annual "Get creative, be fun, be tacky, be cool" White Elephant gift exchange in our family. The limit is $20 (max).

    Does anyone have any cool, useful, unique gifts to suggest?
    (it's a family event, sex toys are out of the question as suggested
  2. People still talk about my great white elephant gift from a few years ago. I found a battery operated hula dancer at Goodwill. It played Hawaiian music, she spun around and did the hula. I took 20 $1 bills and taped them under her grass skirt. It was super funny. Scratch lottery tickets are always a hit.
  3. Here's a gift that the recipient can use next Christmas :smile: - I think it's really cool:

    Tiffanyharvey - ambigram Christmas card: the word "Christmas" reads the same upside down


    I have with me three beautiful keyrings by WoodCraftsandCandles and intend to gift two of them away. The keyring has a secret compartment where you can put items like toothpicks. Here's one I bought, which will be given to my wonderful boss:


    I also like dumbkiddesigns' cool map wallets. She will customise map wallets subject to availability of maps. Here's a Jefferson City Missouri map wallet:

  4. A lot of those "as seen on tv" items seem to be big hits at white elephant gift exchanges. My dh got "the Clapper" that turns on and off your lights when you clap your hands. There are so many of these at Walgreens, etc. Have fun with it. I love these types of parties.
  5. I am going shopping today for my works White Elephant Gift Exchange, which is happening tomorrow. I am not sure what to get. I will probably spend $10 on an item and buy $10 on lotto scrathers too.

    Last year some of the hit gifts were bottles of alcohol (Jack Daniels, etc) and a huge costco supply of toilet paper. LOL, everyone was going after that because they said they were out at home and needed some.
  6. I thought the whole point of white elephant was to regift things you have received/had in your house that you didn't like?

    I cannot IMAGINE going out to BUY a white elephant gift - that defeats the purpose and it defeats the fun of some of the white elephant gifts going around and around every year. Of course, sometimes what's a white elephant to ONE person is good for another (which is another reason for white elephant). I remember one year I got a really good CD!
  7. Our office had our White Elephant Gift Exhange today. I ended up getting a gift basket of Godiva chocolates and cocoa. That's good enough for me!

    I ended up giving away a color printer. LOL. It was a printer I got for free when I bought my gateway laptop. The printer has just been sitting in the box untouched for a year now. We have a nicer printer already and have no use for the free one. Since it was so big it was the first present picked. It was actually in demand and was stolen enough times to be locked. I am glad to get that damn box out of my office!

  8. Now THAT is what White elephant is about - you got rid of something you didn't need and someone is going "cool" brand new printer I need!!! GREAT!!!!