Need gift buying help from the wonderful Coach Lovers

If you were getting this as your 48 B-day party gift which would you pick?

  • Fuchsia - It's okay and doesn't look too "tweenish"?

  • Purple - The pink is too young for someone 48?

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Jul 10, 2007
Hi Coach lovers,

I'm ordering on line and have not eyeball the wallet colors, not am I familiar with this brand at all and could sure use some help.
My dear friend will be turning 48 and I want to buy her a slim coach wallet.
She (like myself) use to be quite the LV wallet fan and at New Years she mentioned she liked the Legacy slim wallet more than any of her LV:shocked::shocked:

My question is - Do you think the Pink/Fuchsia is too juevilnie for her turning 48?
Does it look bumble gum pink in person, or can she get away with it.
I know she Loves Fuchsia, but sometimes can look a little too "young".

The purple one is the 2nd choice I'm considering, however I KNOW she loves fuchsia.

Any advice would really be appreciated!
Thank you.



Feb 23, 2009
I'm almost 46, and I wouldn't consider fuschia too young, it's very pretty and definitely not bubblegum pink. Plus it will be in a bag most of the time. Personally I love to open my bag and see bright, pretty colors.
Jul 10, 2007
I really appreciate hearing from you - thank you.
Without seeing it in person, its just so hard.

She's like me and alot of times we just carry our wallet and keys - and I like a pop of color.
My Prada fuchsia Saffiano wallet is a perfect pretty color and I know she loves it.
Thank you


Dec 5, 2010
i voted for the purple. i think its way prettier! i like pink but it is a younger girly color in my opinion. if you want to get a pink color for her the magenta that was from last seasons madison line is a darker color pink with more of a purple undertone. i think anyone could pull it off. good luck with whatever you choose!


At the mall, BRB.
Jun 17, 2012
You said that you know she loves there's your answer.
Jul 10, 2007
a pink color for her the magenta that was from last seasons madison line
Do they make the Magenta in the legacy slim? I didn't see it online.
You said that you know she loves there's your answer.
Well I don't want to be so quick to decide, thank you.
My Prada is a magenta pink and since I have not seen the coach in person, I do not know if it is too bright. The photo looks kinda bright, but we all know how online ordering can be off. thanks


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Dec 11, 2012
I voted fuchsia because you said that you know she loves it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks if she likes it. Besides, fuchsia would be thoughtful because you remembered that she loves it. Get a gift receipt and let her exchange if she's not happy.
Jul 10, 2007
My friend ask me if I used a 25% off coupon - anyone have details on that?
I haven't placed my order and I'm always up for saving money which of course mean I buy myself a thing or too more :upsidedown::shame:
Feb 21, 2009
Atlanta Ga
Well I am 61 and I just ordered the Fuchsia slim wallet, I already have the Fuchsia checkbook cover, age is just a number, anyone can use what they like.
As for the 25% discount it is pce (preferred customer event) that starts on the 18th I don't know if jax will give it to you if your not on the list, but if you go to a fp store they will more than likely give it to you, just ask, they can order it for you if they don't have the color you want, or call them.


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Feb 12, 2010
@ The Library!
I voted for the purple because I think the color will hold up better over time - the fuchsia is too trendy IMHO.

However, if your friend loves fuchsia, get her the fuchsia! And tell your friend happy birthday from me. I just turned 48 myself, and so far it is awesome!


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Dec 18, 2009
I am older than 48 and I have both pink and purple wallets and I love them! I think either color would be very nice and appreciated.