need garden party makeover advice!!

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scarf, obo or other?

  1. scarves!

  2. silk obi material!

  3. other

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  1. so, you know how i gamble on eBay auctions and have found some real gems? sometimes i'm not so lucky, and i recently got an amazonia garden party with cracked and nasty-looking amazonia . . . clever seller must have treated it with silicone just before taking the auction pix. the leather and the inside are in great shape, though.

    of course i COULD do the whole paypal dispute thing, but the seller is in france and i haven't had great luck with international paypal disputes in the past.

    the bag wasn't horribly expensive (about 500 bucks), and i have this crazy idea of trying to do something with it instead of returning it. i'm going to cover up the amazonia -- the question is, with what? i don't want to use leather -- seems like sacrelige to put non-hermes leather on an hermes bag. so i'm thinking either hermes scarves (would likely need some batting and quilting), or vintage obi material. i'm hoping i end up with something that looks like one of those custom pieces they have in the windows.

    so what do you think -- scarf or obi? i'd love to hear your suggestions if you have an idea for something else to use.
  2. What about putting travel stickers over the cracks and then just use it to store stuff, tote stuff, hold hobby stuff.
    I use a garden party for a knitting bag.

    If you replace the amazonia, you would have to undo the stitches, right?
    I think this is why Hermes discontinued Amazonia.
  3. i truly admire your optimism DQ, and if you can pull it off, fantastic.
    Maybe an old tapestry would suit, as they are quite thick!!! I know its not H, but i think it would look very unique.
  4. Yes, I think some nice tapestry material would be nice, and it's thick...otherwise what about taking it to H first and see if they can fix it ?
  5. Hermes cannot fix it. They actually replaced some amazonia Kellys and Birkins that cracked, but I do not know about a Garden Party.
  6. I love this idea and I vote for quilted scarves. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  7. oooh, tapestry is a great idea -- or similarly maybe some antique aubusson fragments . . . .

    i'm not planning to take out the panels -- amazonia is adhered to a canvas backing. so i'll see whether i can shave off some of the amazonia or at least rough it up enough to give me a surface to which fabric glue will adhere. then i'll hand stictch the edges, with some piping to cover up the fact that i'm a lousy seamstress. :p
  8. aubusson would be very gorgeous DQ.
    I love it, omg i am getting quite exited about this now!!!WOW, you really are gonna do it.:tup:
  9. Aubusson scraps or a vintage obi. That would be incredibly interesting, chic, and elegant. The caveat with Aubusson is that to get enough for a reasonable price, you'll have to mix and match. Will that bother you?

    Sometimes you can get thin and somewhat threadbare woven carpets for not much in your part of the world. The thinner ones could work.

    I really love this idea. I'll probably end up hunting you down and hitting you on the head for that bag, you know. Just fair warning.
  10. I say sequins, glitter, and puff paint.:p
  11. Aubusson make make the bag very ,very heavy though
  12. Now that sounds like me:p
    But i thought i was the only one!!!
  13. That's hilarious. Add a rotating disco ball to the handle and you'd be the coolest thing in town.
  14. thanks, HG - are you going to hook me up with your sources for drag-queen essentials? :heart:

    quick, raz, post again -- you've got the devil number right now.

    gga, i don't need no stinkin' disco ball . . .

    just had another thought -- vintage paisley:

  15. DQ, the paisley would be gorgeous aswell. i think you are on the right track:tup:
    My mum has a fantastic antique piece of tapestry. She has it framed on her wall , one of many.
    I :drool: all over them. Im standing by my guns , a gorgeous bit of tapestry would look soo fab. Even better if you had the time you could do a bit!!!
    That really would be unique!!