Tech Need gadget gift ideas

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  1. My hubby is a gadget geek. He loves the newest, coolest, strangest gadgets around. Our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I want to get him something gadgety that he wouldn't buy for himself. He has an Ipod, Ipad, Apple TV, Tivo and Kindle. Anyone have a really neat gadget that he might like?? Or even an accessory that would go with main gift? I would like to get him a stand for his Ipad. Any price range will work. I need some for Christmas too. LOL Thanks for your help!
  2. battery charger pad :biggrin:
  3. I saw those. Do they actually work?? Definitely going on the list. Thanks!

  4. He sounds like mine(minus the kindle)---Ill be keeping an eye on this thread as our anniversary is in a few days (we do gifts a little later though). I need ideas for the anniversary and xmas! So people bring them on!!
  5. Yeah, they work. ;)

    You might want to wait, though. Currently, you have to buy a sticker type thing to put on your phone battery. Shortly, though, they're starting to produce the battery that already has the wireless charger built in.

    Here are some links for ideas:
  6. This ClamCase thing looks awesome - it's basically an iPad case with a built-in keyboard (don't know when it comes out though). It'd come in handy when there's lots of typing to be done. I have an iPad and I'm drooling over this thing.

    This case/keyboard may come out sooner than the ClamCase:

    Does he like video/computer games? The new Starcraft for the computer and Halo for XBox are out now.
  7. Thanks for the links!!! WOW! So much good stuff to go through. Maybe I will save the charger idea for Christmas. Hopefully the new type will be out by then. Thank you!

  8. That Clamcase looks amazing! He would love that! I guess I will save that for Christmas as well unless I can find it sooner. The only game he really plays is WOW. Oh and the game on PS3 where you steal cars, kill people and pick up hookers. LOL Thanks for the good ideas. They are definitely going on the list.

  9. Oooh, if he likes WoW, he'd probably love Starcraft. I am a big WoW fan and can't get enough Starcraft now - it's like crack.

    Sounds like he's playing Grand Theft Auto - I'm not sure, but there might be a new one out!
  10. I have to be careful buying games. He is picky. Yes it is GTA that he likes to play. LOL I looked it up and there is a new one, Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete, that comes out at the end of this month. Going on the list. :P

  11. tumi makes one thats a little pricey but i think a nice gift. it comes with all these little adapters and anytime you need another one (for a new piece of technology or something) you just call them and they send you the little adapter for free!
  12. they do, its pretty convenient ;)

    if you don't already have these: iPod adpator for the car, bluetooth speaker, new game console, new TV :biggrin:

    or ice cream maker :biggrin:
  13. Do you have some type of entertainment room? Because if so, you could get him a projector. We got one for my dad a few Christmases ago since we didn't know what else to get him, and our whole family uses it. We've hooked up the game consoles to it also, surround sound, receiver, etc, so it opens up a whole new realm of gadgets for him lol. I wouldn't buy it to replace a TV though, especially one that he uses for xbox/ps3 gaming, since the projector screen can be really large and can kind of hurt your eyes trying to play a video game on a screen so big, sitting so close to it.

    Does he like photography at all? You could buy him a new digital camera/DSLR, and then an at home photo printer to match it.

    Kind of a lame gift, but a new printer? My dad used to spend tons of $ on printers trying to find the perfect one, and most printers now have built in scanners and memory card readers, although they're not as fast as they could be, but you'd be surprised how often a scanner comes in handy if you don't have one already, and how much faster these are than older stand alone scanners.

    GL finding something, and happy anniversary to you and your DH :smile:
  14. the new wireless printers rock! no more cords, and i can print from the laptop to the printer in another room!
  15. My boyfriend likes gadgets and for his birthday I was thinking of getting him one of those hi-tech wireless headsets for his phone. I'll try to find a link when I get home. I think the other ideas on this thread are great too!