Need full lenth leggings

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  1. I'm looking for full length, but not too long, I dont want them to scrunch at the ankle.

    Black, light weight material. I want to be able to wear them like pants...almost...

    Any sugguestions?
  2. has a nice selection of leggings...;)
  3. ^ Yea, but the one pair that they have that are full length have buttons.
  4. i bought a great pair from american apparel. i love them
  5. ^ Which ones did you get? I was just on their website and I saw the winter leggings....
  6. i thought aa leggings were like a bit longer than midcalf? maybe it just depends on how tall you are. i like long leggings a lot more since im not sure if i even like leggings at all. at least long ones kinda look like pants. i wish they made really thick legging tights...
  7. I have a pair of splendid ones that I LOVE!! They are super comfy definitely worth the extra money.
  8. wait which ones on Shopbop have buttons at the bottoms?? i want them thanks
  9. Agree with AA and I got some last year from J.Crew that are great.
  10. Whats the name of the AA leggings...?

  11. Or can anyone post a link?
  12. H&M has them too.
  13. I forgot, I also just got Wolford's Velvet de Luxe leggings:

    I didn't get them online, but I bought them in the boutique in NYC. They are great--very soft!