need for honest advice! :-(

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Should I sell this LE LV bag for 600?

  1. Sell it since the person is willing to drive and pay cash

  2. Don't sell and wait for a better buyer

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am selling a LE LV bag in new condition.. [wont' say the style so it's not misunderstood as if I was trying to sell here] I have decided 100% to sell but even thought it's worth about 1200-1400 I asked 800 and the only offer I got was for 600 but it's from a consignment store.
    I want to sell the bag. And the person is willing to drive all the way..and pay me cash.
    My husband says I should wait..but I only have like a month b/c we are moving...
    Should I take the loss and sell it for 600? should I wait and risk that the market gets better
    Please help!

  2. I wouldn't sell. If it's in perfect condition and already worth more than your asking price.. I wouldn't go any lower. Even 800 would be low for a LE in perfect condition, so definitely don't settle for any less
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    I would check with other consignment stores and see what they offer....

    let me add...if you have a month...see what other offers you can get maybe via craigs list and do it like how they are in local meet ups only...I got a decent offer via online consignment just from good detailed pics of my item so maybe you can also try them...
  4. Don't sell.
  5. No, do not sell it for $600.00 and hope you wait for the right time. Is there any reason why you want to sell it before you move?
  6. Don´t sell.
  7. Because I am going to leave my things in storage for 6 months. i am keeping my latests adquisitions like graffiti and roses..[and mirror :smile:] But i get nervous about leaving in storage, heat, whatever so I didn't want to have to do that. I am keeping bags I can travel with
    Thank you for all your opinions
  8. I'd keep it and wait for a better offer.
  9. keep it
  10. keep it and wait for a better offer!
  11. When I am ready to be done with a bag-I just sell it so if that is the going rate and all that anyone offered you then I say take it-Even LE's IMO start to Lose their desire in the market depending upon what other LE's have been released after yours. $600. cash is better than a bag you you want to sell still sitting in your closet.
  12. I say wait it out for a better buyer, and get the price you want.
  13. Depends on the bag if it is still popular or not but it does seem a huge loss. I wouldn't do it!

    Please let me know if you are solicited via PM to buy this bag, thanks.
  14. I wouldn't sell a $1,200-1,400 bag for $600.

  15. Thank you ! Yes It's not a bag for everyone and I myself have managed to keep it in new condition after all these years while my graffiti already looks dark and used ;) I am really thinking I may just take the loss... No PM messages or solicitors..don't worry!