Need for authentification when buying from Lovehandbags?

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  1. Would you try to authenticate a bag bought at Lovehandbags? I mean, by taking the bag to a Mulberry store or such?
  2. I have bought 3 bags from lovehandbags and had no need to authenticate.

    As far as I know their bags are all authentic however I am not sure if they have the bags authenticated themselves by mulberry.

    Sam who runs the business normally requires the paperwork when buying bags to sell on.
  3. #3 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
    I bought a choc Roxy from and it was clearly authentic. I am sure that Sam is very careful and makes sure the bags are authentic before she lists them for sale, since it's her reputation on the line, but if you feel unsure then there's no harm in getting a second opinion to set your mind at rest. I personally am extremely happy with business I have conducted with Sam. I'd buy from her again.
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer. Mine is on her way from Lovehandbags, we'll see how i will act once she's here.
  5. OOOh what did you get??!
  6. Oak Jacquetta. Ridicously expensive, but couldn't find her anywhere else and really really wanted an original... :drool:
  7. Think you were wise to go for an original!!!!!! (given my recent experience with the sale purchase)
  8. Yep - no problem with LoveHandbags - brought my lavendar Phoebe from her and it is gorgeous (should be authentic ref the prices!!). You can't go wrong -

    PS still want that purple congo bays!!!!!
  9. Congrats Hs Bobbo, I'm sure you won't be disappointed and the packaging is lovely.
  10. do any of you guys know of any other online second hand mulberry dealers? (apart from ebay) thanks
  11. ooh what's the packaging like from lovehandbags????
  12. ^^It's gorgeous Jo! First there are special little 'Lovehandbags' stickers on the edges of the box, then when you open it there is black tissue paper and your bag will be in a Lovehandbags dustcover. Then you get an envelope with a personal note and a stack of Lovehandbags business cards to give to your friends.

    It's always exciting when you get a new bag, but it felt like Christmas when I opened the box my Blenheim came in!!!!
  13. Oh now I long even more for her to arrive! I check the track id a thousand times a day....:rolleyes::rolleyes:
  14. By the way, will I receive any documents, like receits or anything the seller has left to Lovehandbags? And the original dust bag?
  15. ^^Mine came with the original dust cover but no original receipts. Lovehandbags send you a receipt from them though.