Need for a bid of SGH in my life...suggestions are more than welcome?

  1. I have been "admiring" the SGH for a while now and since I opted for a black work :love:instead of the SGH plomb my thirst isn't quenched yet.

    I really would like a bid of SGH in my life:nuts:.
    But what?

    Should I just get a little smth like a coinpurse or ... ?

    My "options" :

    Violet SGH work or parttime
    Olive SGH work or parttime
    Plomb parttime

    I fear that violet will be a little too much thinking of my wardrobe (but I love the color)
    Olive looks stunning but is it easy to match clothing...?
    And if so work or parttime?
    Plomb is it too close to my black work, in the sens of matching it with clothing?

    Or should I wait for the new colors and only get lets' say a violet coinpurse?
  2. I actually really like the GH on the PT, and I think it looks the best with dark colors, so I'd say either the Vert Fonce PT or Plomb PT.

    I think the VF would be amazingly easy to wear(I have an 03 Olive Brown City and it matches with a lot in my wardrobe), but Plomb may be easier.

    I really don't think Plomb is too similar to your black Work, especially because the SGH brings out the silverish tone of the color. I think it's gooorgeous.
    Although I'm not a GH gal, this combo is the one that keeps haunting me:p

    BTW, I think RH looks much better in the Work style, and GH in the PT. IMO:yes:
  3. I say since you already have a black work... if you want a pop of color... then violet sgh work is gorgeous and still versatile... but if you wana stick to neutrals then get the VF SGH PT... just for variety in style... I picked the violet sgh in work instead of PT because I think the violet looks best on the bigger bag esp with the SGH... hth! good luck!
  4. There's something about Vert Fonce with silver... I vote for a Vert Fonce GSH Part-Time!
  5. I saw VF SGH PT!!!! I think it will be easy to wear and you'll have a brownish bag and then you'll have the Black Work!
  6. Crackers VF pics are really stunning...I never ever considered the parttime before seing her pics.

    Hmmmmm I would really know what the 08 colors will be if i get another bag now I am not shure I will get smth else before march.
  7. i personally like the work over PT. but any color looks great in SGH, can't really go wrong!
  8. If you wear a lot of dark colors... I'd go w/ Plomb... Vert Fonce looks great against neutral colors. Plomb will go with basically anything. gOod luck!! the GH PT... is great!
  9. I'm biased because I own one, but I say Violet Work with SGH. The part time to me slouches weird in the center. I think the Violet with SGH looks stunning!

  10. That's what I thought too...the PT looks nicest handhold but you have a strapoption. My work RH actually fits over my shoulder fine wearing sweater and jacket but that's not how I prefer to wear it.

    I am leaning more and more towards VF but I must say violine is just gorgeous and plomb stylish. Sorry lady's I find myself torn again...please keep your suggestions coming :yes:
  11. Since you have Black...and if you can't have Plomb and Violet...
    I would go for Violet Work !!!
  12. I'm not a big fan of the GH bags, so my personal choice would be a coin purse... But, if you want a bag, I think a Vert Fonce PT with silver GH would be very cool, probably the coolest GH choice, imo. Bonne chance!
  13. I totally agree! (I'm getting my Vert Fonce this week but it is in RH - I love the look of GSH on it though!)
  14. Thanks lady's please keep the suggestions coming I think I probably won't get a plomb even if I really love it fear that I will rather reach for my black work than the plomb since it goes with similar clothing. But my heart is balancing between VF and Violine.....