need flats recommendation

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  1. Hi everyone! I need help recommendation on comfortable flats. Since I'm a high heel girl, i don't have a single pair of flats (sad i know)... My feet are wide and everytime I tried on flats, they are either make my feet look wider or not comfortable. Please give me advice on finding the right flats and what brand do you recommend.

    Some of my friends told me that Tory Burch is comfortable. Is it true for my case of having wide feet??

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I have a wide foot and Tory Burch Reva flats are not comfortable to me. Lanvin flats are my favorite but they are pricey but worth it to me. I have a few pair of London Sole which are not as well made but are much less expensive and they are pretty forgiving. Just scroll down some of the topics and you will find lots of threads on flats. Good luck!
  3. i have wide feet as well, which makes shoe shopping not so fun at time :crybaby:. though, i recently bought a pair from steve madden and they're totally fab :tup:!
    (in silver)
    it definately helps that these are made of a thin material so they don't constrict my feet. these are the first pair of flats that i've been able to go shopping in :yahoo:
  4. Lanvins are perfect for me. They are not constricting at all!
  5. I recommend Repetto, not as expensive as Lanvin (unless on sale) :tup:
  6. You can try Aldo flats, I own loads of them and they are super comfortable, I bought most of them on sale for $39.
    Aldo shoes
  7. I think you should try getting the narrow versions of ferragamo flats a size up. The narrowness of the shoe makes your feet look slimmer even though I have wide feet. For eg.. I'm a 7.5B, so I would get a 8AA. There are lots of the narrow versions on ebay for really good prices too! I have these in 11 different colors and they are the most comfortable shoes ever!
  8. thanks for the replies!! I will start my flats hunting in the weekend!
  9. I personally like Chloe flats. The leather stretches to fit your foot.
  10. I have tried many flats in my time and for me in general they ALL seem the be super uncomfortable .. kind of a heels gal too. However I highly recommend Sam Edelman. They go for less than $100 , are very good quality and super comfortable. That designer just gets it right.
  11. Tory Burch flats aren't comfy on me:sad:
    Chanel's elasticized oens are VERY comfy though!:yes:
  12. Fendi banana flats are more comfortable than wearing socks :P They run about $300ish so much cheaper than Chanel and Lanvin flats which are comfy but a bit too pricey for me...
  13. i still haven't find my flats yet :sad: i tried on all the flats that on pedder has and i couldn't find a single comfy flats. Repetto was painful for me. I dont know the model name, but it has that patent round toe with suede/canvas. Miu2 satin flats made my feet look wider than ever. Marc Jacobs' are too tight in front, same for chloe. I was on the verge of frustration in on pedder. Yet to try ferragamo and hunt for french/london sole. I'm curious about lanvin flats. Since everyone in tpf are talking about it, i might as well give it a try when i pass by lanvin boutique.

    Btw, anyone know where I can get bloch couture flats? I'm interested in giving it a try since Bloch is a ballet shoes maker... should be comfy right? yes? no?
  14. My friend is a dancer and she uses the real Bloch ballet slippers. When she's not dancing, she wears Repettos and Bloch London flats!!

    I also have difficulty with flats being not tory burch ones are useless to me! But, I have a pair of Lanvins that are so comfy that I wear them almost every single day; they're beginning to wear out :sad:!

    So I just ordered a pair of Bloch flats as a replacement... I'll update when they arrive! I got these with the coupon code, "SHEAUG" for $50 off!