Need feedback plz on BN1801 or BN2274

  1. Hey Annie, I just learned that i can actually exchange my Prada bag in Prada shop but my purchase date is slightly over 1mth. Do u think I can swap my receipt and card with you? When is your purchase date? I can pay u some money to buy from u too!! Pls pls.. So that I can exchange with the bag size I want ...
  2. Hi Kylie.. Sorry my bf purchase the bag with his credit so all his confidential details and signature is printed on the receipt. I use his credit so he can gets points, so far he can get an oversea return ticket. All points from accumulation bags that I had purchase over the years. I then transfer money to his account, knowing my self I will be in debt and uncontrollable if I do owe a credit card. Sorry I'm no help to you. Btw didn't ur sa tell u can exchange if you weren't happy with the bag at the beginning when u purchase the bag? I'm surely it stated on the receipt.

    A. :smile:
  3. Too bad, not in the receipts, I Duno why cos from Milan! And only on day 33 my fren mentioned about that :sad:
  4. Which states are you from? Maybe try and ask them.. If the bag still look new and tell them u weren't aware of the exchange policy. Doesn't hurt to try or even give them a call. Good luck!
  5. Hehe.. I've tried all
    Methods! I even left the bag in Prada shop let the manager contact the head office. She called me yesterday, still a no! Cos policy only 30 days :sad:
  6. Hehe.. I've tried all
    Methods! I even left the bag in Prada shop let the manager contact the head office. She called me yesterday, still a no! Cos policy only 30 days :sad:
  7. So my new BN1801 in Purple arrived today and I LOVE IT because Prada has never made their bags in this kind of purple before. but i'm also thinking its a bit small to travel with. I wanted the Purple in BN2274 but they sold out. I checked Prada again just now and saw that the Cornflower Blue in BN2274 came back in stock so I bought it before the size sold out again.
    I'm going to return one of them but I am having a hard time deciding!

    How do you like your BN2274, Annie?
    photo (9).JPG photo (8).JPG
  8. Hello Kylie!! Congrats on your new purchase! Which bag do you feel right and comfortable? I'm kinder chubby and my height is 155cm so I felt that the BN1801 is too small and were very happy with 2274. However saying that alot of petite girls wear the 2274 bag and happen to be the most popular size and the BN 1801 is too small for most girls. I would keep 2274 cause it's so difficult to get hands onto it. If you love the purple then ask to be on the waiting list for a purple 2274 but then the blue u have it's really pretty and prob would suit all types of clothing wear than the purple one. Sorry to type so much. Good luck with your decisions. A.
  9. Hi, can anyone let me know the measurement of BN1801 and BN2774?
    Thanks! :smile: :smile:
  10. I started researching those two options and had a hard time imagining the size differences.
    I found a picture that really helped me to compare the size between BN2274 (left) and BN1801(right). hope this helps.

    Can anyone tell me how heavy the bags are? I've used Hermes and Marc Jacobs bags in the past and had to ditched them since they are impractically heavy for me. People used to lift my purchase and say "what do you carry in that thing?" when I only had a wallet and few small things... I really need a lighter bag..
  11. I'm 158cm and am waiting for my BN2274 to arrive. I was considering the BN1801 but thought it would be too small for my liking. I think it really depends on what u usually bring with u in the bag.
  12. I love my 2274 in caramel.