Need feedback on Vernis Sunset Blvd Please!!

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  1. Hi there,
    debating on getting the vernis sunset boulevard, but not sure. Can anyone please give me feedback on the purse? Thanks!!
  2. love it... Wish I had one
  3. Im having the same dilema... wanted to get the sunset blvd, but not sure... :sad:
  4. I LOVE the sunsets!!!!!
    They are elegant and colorful, and I use them as wallets in my big bags.
    (Just take of the strap.)
    Here is a pic of my collection:[​IMG]
  5. They are soooo pretty and elegant! :smile:

    pepsimax, I LOVE your collectin :smile:
  6. Thanks,bannYlein;)
    When I use them as wallets too,
    I can justify having them,because I dont need so many evening bags/
    party-bags ...:yes:
  7. I have the amarante and I love it. It's my go to "feeling fabulous" bag.
  8. The Pomme is on my list! I love that is can be worn on the shoulder and as a clutch. It is small, not bulky (my Roxy is bulky at times, depending on the event) yet it holds the essentials. And being Vernis & wanting the Pomme will be a wonderful accessory to have!
  9. wow pepsimax your pic probably sealed the deal! beautiful items and pic
  10. I want 1 in pomme love it :tup:
  11. #11 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    Love it!!!!!! Although, I don't own one........
  12. I have Amarante and sold it, and immediately next stop in Vegas bought it again!! lol!

    Vernis Sunset is such a sleek sexy bag, I always want to keep her forever, i wouldn't mind having all colors, even the gorgeous can't say enough about this one...
  13. I love the Sunset Blvd! I was on the fence about it too because I didn't think I'd use it enough to justify the price tag! I'm glad I bought it though. No regrets!
  14. i don't have it but i wish i did! i considered the sunset blvd in perle but decided i didn't "need" it. *sigh* regretting my decision after seeing pepsimax's pic!
  15. i want this bag soooo bad- in pomme