Need fast feedback on this apple green twiggy

  1. not enough photos to tell for sure. the price for a new bag is quite low so I would say fake.
  2. ^^ can't tell by that one pic - can you request more??

    You should post this in the Authenticate thread for more PFers to see! HTH
  3. I just tried to call this seller and she said it was already sold???....
    I'm comparing the bag in the pic to my apple twig and I really can't tell...
    It looks good, but why only one pic?..and zero feedback seller..
    I'd be too scared..
  4. it looks good, but def. need more pics.

    and if she said it's already sold but it's still on eBay, maybe she's scared to be asked more questions and photos, so i say, stay away.
  5. wrong thread
  6. Somebody else must have thought it was authentic because she got a higher offer and is selling it to the other buyer. Guess I should have taken my great deal and ran!

  7. i would stay away from this seller, their auctions look shady and that picture looks awfully familiar(wonder if i'd seen it before from a different listing--not everyday an apple green twiggy shows up on eBay)...check out her other listings....weird, i personally would stay away!
  8. I wondered if it was a stolen photo ???
  9. that's exactly what i was wondering about too
  10. I don't know, but it is gone now. The auction has been ended, think she sold it direct, not on eBay.
  11. i would never do that unless i know the person well, there's almost no way to get your money back and the buyer / seller protected without some sort of oversight.