Need Fashion Help for plus sized gal!

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  1. Ok ladies.. I will fully admitt it.. Now that I am a business owner.. Im meeting with a lot of people to do business with lately.. I really want to make sure im dressing appropriately for my larger frame. Im still trying to learn how to dress correctly as I am in the process of loosing weight and with me being plus size.. my choices are limited.. Any help would be appreciated!!!
  2. Can you tell us what kind of items are you looking? Also what is your price range?

    Do you need suits (skirt or pants)? Or dress pants/skirt plus a nice top?

    Talbots has plus sizes and are well made. If you have access to a Talbots Clearance store (you can go to their website and search), that is great. I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong), the items are actually last year's merchandise from the actual retail stores. They have really good sales where you can buy pieces for under $30 each. The outlet stores would have made-for-the-outlet items only.
  3. There is a whole thread dedicated to Plus sized gals. They all look magnificant and maybe you could check out some of their fashions to get ideals. See above!
  4. I am looking for about 8-12 items that I can mix and match to make different outfits.. I have the typical black, brown,and gray dress pants, and a black pencil skirt. I dont need suits, but blouses, skirts, dresses are all welcome. I dont mind spending money however I would rather not be spending $500+ on a single Item. My body is slightly weird.. I am actually fairly proportional as I am an hourglass figure for how big I am. If you need a full body pic I can provide one..
  5. Have you looked at any blogs? This my favorite curvy blogger:

    She dresses for her body and does it very well. :smile:
  6. No ive never seen her blog before and Im actually pretty close to her body type. Thank you so much!!
  7. Check out Garnerstyle.blogspot
    She is a plus size girl and dresses very nice.
    Ashley Stewart has some very nice clothes and also Lane Bryant.
  8. Ais has recently posted pictures in a blazer and skirt that make her look super gorgeous - I suggest you check the recent pages of the plus size thread as she looks amazing and accentuates her curves perfectly!
  9. Also check out - she is a "plus size" blogger and puts together a lot of really fashionable, nice outfits. I love her site!
  10. Plus size girls can look much more attractive than skinnie Minnie's if they accentuate their curves - beanpoles are not attractive - my mum says I look like I just came out of a concentration camp (she's plus size and I'm very ill).
  11. I agree! She accentuates than hides her curves! :smile:
  12. If you are in the process of loosing weight it's not worth investing a ton of money for things you are going to wear for a short period of time. Spend your money on accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry) right now. That being said, everything you do purchase for this transition should flatter your figure. For me it's all about fit and proportion - always. I think the girl with curves is adorable but in the 2 photos on the right she's cutting herself at the widest point in her body and that's the line my eye is instantly drawn to. You want to draw attention to your best attributes - I call it show your skinny!

    I like to create a formula for whatever weight I am and it becomes a uniform until the season changes or my weight does and then I start over. I'm still loosing some of my baby weight (3 kids in 6 years and I'm over 30) and I'm pear shaped. When I got married my husband was literally able to put his hands around my waist and touch his fingers. Ok, he has big hands but I was tiny - with JLo's butt. I personally don't like to wear pants when I'm heavier b/c I look unbalanced so I wear lots of $20 TJ Maxx dresses and thrifted items with designer accessories and a few great pieces of jewelry. I've been obsessed with cuff bracelets for some time. They show off my tiny wrists and make me feel like Wonder Woman. Also - get a great fitted coat that makes you look 10 lbs lighter - especially for the winter when you can hide in your coat a lot.
  13. Some brands that do good plus-size lines are MICHAEL Michael Kors, Vince Camuto, and Calvin Klein. All of them are on, and at Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. I really like Vince Camuto in particular for tops to pair with classic neutral trousers and skirts. And all of these lines are well made and could be altered to be smaller as you lose weight, which will allow you to wear them for longer.