Need fashion advice from LA ladies!!!

  1. I'm flying to LA two weeks from today. I lived out there for 3 years in the early '80s and have not been back for 18 years.

    A dear friend is giving a luncheon in my honor the day after I get there. It will be for about 6-7 women at the Bel Air Hotel. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can eat in the garden.

    I asked my friend what the attire was to be, and she said "ladies-who-lunch" and that she will be wearing a new black pantsuit. My friends are all attractive, sophisticated women who wear beautiful clothes and jewelry.

    I'm watching the temp like crazy. What I can wear if it's 65 is not necessarily the same think I can wear if it's 72. I tend to get hot - always have. Okay - my problem is that first of all, I can't afford Armani and second of all, he doesn't make plus-size clothes!!! Where I live in the Upper South, we really don't have much "spring" - we almost go straight from wool to linen. I don't mind buying something new, but I can't spend $1000 on an outfit and it must be something I can wear to church.

    When I lived in LA 24 years ago, "ladies-who-lunch" wore their Adolfo suits and heels. What do they wear today? I also would like to carry my cocoan Kelly bag if possible. Will it look too "wintry"?

    I have lost 25 pounds in the past 7 months and would like to lose 50 more, but would be thrilled to lose 20 more. That also makes me reluctant to spend too much - I'm spending a fortune taking in pants every few weeks! I seem to lose weight in my bottom and my thighs, but my waist is still not going down much, so sizes are a real problem right now. Today, I tried on pants in the regular size dept for the first time in about 14 years, and they fit fine except for the waist which is too tight. The XL tops were just a bit too snug for comfort so I'm still stuck with plus-sizes, but they are a bit roomy in the seat and legs.

    My style is understated and classic. It's what I've always worn and at age 64, it suits me best. I ordered a Marc Jacobs jacket from Nordstroms and when I tried it on today, I felt I looked ridiculous - just not me. I very much want to look "smart", NOT "trendy".

    Any advice on what one wears for a luncheon at the Bel Air Hotel would be greatly appreciated!
  2. India - congratulations on the 25lbs off!

    I'm thinking of a variation on Angel's style tips from the "froggy" thread. Maybe some lightweight camel trousers, a crisp white shirt, lovely scarf and your gorgeous Kelly.

    Have a safe trip and lovely lunch with your girlfriends :flowers:

    (Oh and check out they'll get you into those regular trousers)
  3. I'd also like to congratulate on your weight loss!

    I don't know what is the protocol of dress for LWL. But for me, what is comfortable and what feels like a second skin is the best.

    I think all you need is comfortable pants, a light sweater, a light suit jacket, an H scarf, and your Kelly! I don't think you need to spend any money at all except for maybe if you're in the mood for a scarf ;)
  4. I agree with HandyBags that is a classic look and I am sure you will look amazing. Congrats on your accomplishment and the best reaching your goal.

    Have a wonderful time with your lady friends:heart:
  5. You must wear your Kelly! That, a flattering H scarf, your jewelry - you can't go wrong.

    Congrats on the weight loss!
  6. 25 lbs :woohoo: My dear, LA has become so casual you couldn't be under-dressed unless you were naked. Even a bathrobe would do! Seriously, I was just at the Bel Air at lunch hour and half of the people were in jeans. I actually felt self-conscious in trousers, heels and a light pull with a scarf (of course). In other words, don't knock yourself out!! The requisite uniform is sweats, tee, running shoes, big bag and big diamond earrings and ring(s)- no makeup but a floppy or bucket hat and a big set of jingly keys which you misplace everywhere or lose in the big bag.

    Just go to your party in something comfortable that makes you feel pretty. These are your friends- who love you for you! :flowers:
  7. You know India, you have so much latitude in L.A. Sharp comfortable is fine! Definitely I would carry the kelly. If new/fresh is important here is one option (out of many) a beautiful long (could be thinish) v neck sweater over trousers worn with a scarf ( W/touch of the cocoan to coordinate w/kelly), heels better but flats fine! I think Angel really touched on how to make 'it' work with accessories. Adding, If you wore something over pants, then you could get the pants reg. size and have the waist altered out temporarily and inexpensively and it saves $ on alterations down the road . Also other choices, you could wear a beautiful tunic, blazer. He He , looking at royceag's post I can say very true, bra optional.
    Congrats!! on the weight loss.!!
  8. India, if you wanted to buy something I would suggest St. John knits. They are very comfortable, pack well, wear well, and adjust to size. They are bought in pieces and come in basic colors as well as fashion colors, I am a fan. Heaven knows the weather here. Days are pleasant and nights quite cool , but in two weeks who knows. Nords, NM. Saks carry ST John and thet have stand alone stores. Good luck!
  9. India, congratulations!

    That is a real accomplishment!

    I'm a New Yorker, but have been out to LA a lot... I agree with the suggestion of basic trousers and a crisp shirt, with maybe a light sweater thrown over your shoulders for a casual look. Definitely take Ms. Kelly and your most fab sunnies!
  10. I lived in LA for ages until recently. Anything goes. But with that crowd, you can't go wrong with a tunic with narrow trousers or a dark-colored lightweight suit --maybe in a gabardine--with a shell. Maybe Eileen Fisher?
  11. India, congrats on the weight loss, it's never easy. This is where I live and as Royceag says, just about anything goes, but I don 't think that is the advice you are looking for. Honestly, if I was going to lunch there, Chanel jacket with pant and heels and Kelly would be my look. If you have a nice jacket or navy blazer to wear with Hermes scarf that is always timeless, chic and never out of place. BTW, since everyone wears black 24/7 here, your cacoan color will not be a problem.
  12. Even pressed nice dark wash jeans with a blazer and scarf would work beautiful for lunch especially with a Kelly on your arm.

    Congrats on your weight loss. What an accomplishment!!
  13. I love The Bel Air much so that I got married there! The gals above have got it rright......crisp shirt, trousers OR a great pair of jeans, H scarf with a touch of cocoan to go with you absolutely wear it KELLY! HAVE A GREAT TRTP!!
  14. India, you've been given wonderful advice already. Definitely wear your Kelly--the Cocoan won't be too dark at all. Trousers, a crisp shirt, a light sweater around your shoulders or even a twin set would be fine with a lovely H-scarf. Above all, make sure you're comfortable. If you get warm easily, definitely dress in layers. The Hotel Bel-Air is such a lovely setting for your luncheon; it is pretty casual now...I've seen all kinds of attire there, although I do know they require jackets for men in their main dining room for evening, but for your lunch, dressing up with your Kelly will be a lot of fun. Have a great time with your friends, and have a wonderful trip!
  15. Congrats India!!! :smile: I think you can't go wrong with a blk suit and dress it up with a colorful scarf,brooch,or pashmina. It is a bit chilly, windy but sunny in the afternoons currently. Perhaps something like a pashmina can but easily worn and taken off.

    Cheers to the weight loss and accomplishments that you are being honored for !:heart: