Need Face Wash... Please Help!

  1. I am starting to run out of my current face wash and I am thinking of switching to one that will do more for my skin. It is pretty oily and I need one that will be gentle but really clean and help with blackheads. I have heard that Philosophy is good but I have no idea... please help!!!
  2. I don't have oily skin, but I use regular Cetaphil. It's relatively inexpensive and is gentle. My skin always feels clean after I use it!
  3. Cetaphil works great for oily skin, and you can get it at any drug store!
  4. Another recommendation for Cetaphil! Love it.
  5. soy face cleanser from Fresh, love it!
  6. i have the acne solutions soap bar from Clinique. works for me. its unscented but has salyciic acid (spell)
  7. I use Shiseido face washes but I really like Cetaphil for normal to oily skin. Very gentle and cheap too!
  8. Another cetaphil user here.
  9. Dermalogica clay cleanser, its wonderful!
  10. cetaphil is great! i used it a few years ago when my skin was a bit more oily, a bit more dry -- a bit more combo! i still have combo skin, but it isn't as bad as it used to be. i switched to philosophy's purity. purity is more $$, but i love it. i recommend both, but cetaphil is a bit more accessible because you can get it virtually anywhere.
  11. I use Philosophy Purity Made Simple. It has helped control oil on my face.
  12. Dermalogica Gel cleanser
  13. Cetaphil! I also swear by Avon Natural's Tea Tree cleanser but it is discontinued now. It's great for combination skin and for removing every last bit of mascara. :smile:
  14. Another Dermalogica user here! I wash with the Special Cleansing Gel. It's sooo gentle that you can keep your eyes open while you wash your face. It takes off makeup well, too!
  15. Cetaphil, have just started using it and I LOVE it!