Need eyeliner help


Sep 20, 2006
Hi, I usually buy the Shiseido the Make-Up liquid eyeliner in caviar and they recently discontinued it. Now I am in need of a new liquid eyeliner. I like the kind that doesn't smudge or run and has to be taken off with makeup remover. Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
i use MAC fluidlines as a liner, it has a gel like consistency and i feel like i have more control over it and it lasts longer. It has stayed on even through one of my swim practices with minimal smudging. i suggest you pass by a counter to test it out! Hope i helped!


Oct 25, 2006
In November I had my eyeline tatooed on!! Just on the top and at the lash line so that I can have a totally natural look or add to it to go a little dramatic. This is by far the best thing I have done for my appearance. The best part...It stays on all day...I always lost my eyeline mid-day. I Love it!!!
Yet another vote for the Bobbi Brown gel, got it the other day. This is the only eyeliner I've ever tried that doesn't give me racoon eyes w/o putting powder underneath. And I've tried Estee Lauder, Lancome, Clinique, Trish McEvoy, Chanel, Mac, etc. So far I love this one!


Oct 11, 2006
OMG MAC FLUIDLINE is the BEST! Its a gel that goes on like a liquid (needs to be applied with a brush though...its easy) once it dries it lasts forever...but comes off easily with your regular facial cleanser. its ggreat and come sin soooo many colors! everyone loves it!