Need Expert thoughts on this Bag! Any thing funny looking?

  1. It is 100% authentic!:biggrin:
    It developed a slight "patina" which makes it look dirty.:flowers:
  2. looks a-ok to me! patina is a nice way to describe the leather here :biggrin:
  3. I know the seller, she's lovely! It's definitely authentic :smile:
  4. i think it looks like a well-maintained lighter colored bag! very nice patina ;) from a PFer too if I recall correctly!
  5. Looks good...just noticed that in some of the pictures the front tassels are cut, and in some other pictures, they are long.
  6. Very Nice bag! I hope a PF member gets it!
  7. Can you purchase new tassels from Bal NYC?
  8. Looks great to me, too! Beauxgoris, yes, you can get tassels from BalNY(but I think they only have a select few colors--mostly recent and current season--they didn't have any of that season's tassels left so they sent the seller the new season).