Need expert opinions on Cherry Blossom print!!

  1. I need an expert opinion on the detail of the Cherry Blossom print. I got a bag from a reputable MPRS eBay seller and will have it authenticated by a Louis Vuitton Manager very soon. I had it authenticated in this forum today and Lee69 thinks that it looks good.

    I noticed that among all of the Blossoms on the bag, the eyes on the smiley faces are in slanting elliptical or oval shape, however, there is one Blossom that has very round and big eyes. I was wondering if anyone here who owns a Cherry Blossom piece has seen anything like this on an authentic CB bags.

    My question is could this be an irregularity during the printing process on the canvas or the previous owner (maybe her child) played around with the bag with a marker or is this an indication that it could be a fake bag.

    I took a close-up photo of the print in question. The Blossom on the top looks peculiar to me. Please give me your opinion on this. I have not removed the security tag off the bag yet in case I need to dispute its authenticity.

    Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!
    IMG_3274 copy.jpg
  2. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. It still looks good to me BUT the eyes are not normal, looks like marker to me:s.
  3. Yeah the bag looked good but I think either the printing on the eyes ran (I kind of see the areas all around the circles where it looks like this may have happened), or someone did something to the eyes.
  4. it looks like someone went over the eyes with a sharpie =(
  5. ^ I agree, did they say this in the auction? I wouldn't be too pleased if I got a bag that someone decided to get creative with!
  6. i agree, that's exactly what it looks like. i have a CB pochette and none of the eyes look like that.
  7. Yep, it looks like someone drew on the eyes with a marker... :yucky:

    It might be because the eyes were rubbed off or something.

  8. No the seller did not state that. Maybe she did not notice it (just to give her benefit of a doubt). Overall the bag looks really good and likely to be authentic. However, there's one thing that threw me off and made me suspect. The booklet that came with the bag is a fake booklet.

    I know this because I own a Cherry Blossom pochette that I bought from an LV store and the booklet is made from a different paper material. I compared them side by side and it is obvious that it's fake. Also a given is that there are so many misspellings in the fake one. The fonts look different and even the pages are not collated correctly.

    Here are the pictures of the fake booklet vs the authentic one. I e-mailed her about it and she responded with an explanation.
    IMG_3258 copy.jpg IMG_3259 copy.jpg IMG_3254 copy.jpg IMG_3256 copy.jpg
  9. hm, i actually got the same (fake) booklet once, but it came with an authentic bag i got on eBay. it wasn't even a cherry blossom purse that i had bought, so it was kind of funny. the booklet wasn't featured in the auction, and my bag was authenticated here (and it looked 100% authentic to me when i got), so i wasn't too worried. i just figured maybe the seller got the fake booklet from some other bag they got or something and didn't realize
  10. In the yellow booklet, it seems like it reads "With time the paffem may slightly fade" rather than "With time the pattern may slightly fade"
  11. ^ yeah mine was like that too. i remember seeing that and thinking "paffem"?? LOL i guess the fakers couldn't even bother to get the words guess is they just scanned a real one in, and ran cheap OCR on it and printed it on their own or something. the font is way off, words were mispelled, and pages weren't collated correctly.... definitely a fake booklet. i wonder what the seller's explanation was. the bag seems real.

  12. That's funny. The seller told me that she did not pay attention whether the booklet was authentic or not. She just got the booklet from her storage (I believe it's a consignment store) and put it in the bag. She said that the original owner did not give her the booklet and the tags so she thought that it might be useful for me to have the booklet. Also this booklet was not featured in the auction either.

    She apologized and assured me that the bag is authentic and asked me have it authenticated by any LV store manager. I do think that the bag is very likely authentic, but then I noticed that one blossom with the big round eyes.

    I will try to go to my LV store this week. I hope it's OK. I'm still a little worried:sad:.
  13. Oh my the bag does seemto be authentic, but t sure does look like someone drew on the eyes of the blossom. If I were you I would get a refund from the ebay seller, and use that money to but a different lv bag that does not have the default.

    A few years ago I purchased an authentic CB retro from a seller, and when I recieved it i notices that the blossoms on the flap of the bag were a darker colour pink to the blossoms on the bottom part of the bag. It must have been due to the different cuts in fabric. It was totally authentic but just had this default,and I could notice it so much that I decided that I did not want the bag.Therefore I actually sold it and another boardie brought it from me because she did not mind the defect. And it actually had tons and tond of blossoms on it.

    Here is a pic of the diffent coloured blossoms(see how the blossomson the flap are pinkeir than the colour it should be on the rest of the bag).

  14. It does look like marker. If you keep the bag can you get a partial refund maybe? Hopefully it's on the bottom of the bag so it's not as noticeable.
  15. Why bother going to LV to authenticate? Do you really want to keep the bag? It's bothering you and it would definitely bother me. You should be totally happy with your purchase. The seller should have disclosed this flaw...