Need Expert Help in Identifying Bag

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  1. My mother acquired this bag two years ago. She believes it is authentic. Please look at the images and let me know if you know anything about it? page here: Possible hermes bag

    Any help in identifying the type of bag, and leather would be great, thanks

  2. sorry. fake.
  3. Can you explain why so I can point it out to her?
  4. Apologies if I'm wrong about this, but, nice try.
  5. sealjoy, this is a public forum and information you've requested can be read and used by makers of fake bags to help them perfect their "craft."
  6. Look I will let you know the whole story. My mother works for a storage company, we live over 6 states apart. She acquired this from a tenant that did not pay thier rent and it was left over from the auction. She wants to sell it, but I want to know all about it befor I try and sell it for her. If It is fake I need to know why or how you can tell. I don't want to make anything or try and sell an unauthentic bag. if you have any doubts look up my eBay history as sealjoy. I have almost 100 feedback never sold a handbag, but pride myself on integrity and if I list something I want to tell the truth.
  7. then please email me by using the contact user on eBay as sealjoy. or email using it at either way, I don't want to make anything, I just need to find out to tell her what she can sell it for.
  8. Here's what you can do, sealjoy. You can take it to an Hermes Boutique for a spa treatment (refurbishing). If it is authentic, the bag will be accepted for refreshing. If it's not authentic, they will not accept it.
  9. Nothing.
  10. This really should have been posted in the Authenticate This Hermes thread as it is really about authenticating a bag, not identification.
  11. I don't mean to sound harsh here but this bag is worth nothing because it's a fake. You put it on in your ebay listing, it's considered selling a counterfeit. You can be suspended by eBay if you are found out, or if anyone from here choose to report you to eBay, and if you're the unlucky one eBay wants act upon. I think the message is very clear.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.