Need Expert Eye to ID Red Bag in Magazine

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  1. i tried, but couldnt any picture of the ad on the web. not sure if anyone recalls seeing this, but it's an ad for EOS Airlines, their pond hopper campaign. it's currently in the june 11, 2007 issue of New York magazine, page 17.

    the ad shows a stylish young woman and man getting out of their limo to board the eos airplane from london to new york. the woman is holding a BEAUTIFUL RED bag with gold hardware and two handles. there's a zipper on the front of the bag

    does anyone know who makes that bag? is it gustto, or tano, or jimmy choo (i'm really bad at this)? i'll try to scan the picture, but i don't have a color scanner so it may not work out. help please~

  2. Need pics! Sorry! ;)
  3. it's a miracle, i found what bag it is in the ad! thanks to the purseblog post by megs today,
    the unique looking square design on the clutch looked too similar to be a coincidence and after more searching on the web, i found the red bag, carried on eva mendes. yay!

    actually, what's the difference between the maddy and the mahala? and is this bag is from this season?

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  4. I LOVE this bag!

    The Maddy is smaller than the Mahala (the one in the pic is the Mahala). I know there's a plum out for this season (fall), and I *think* the red is from last season, but I'm not sure. I'd check the Jimmy Choo forum for more info about seasons and colors.