Need expert advicer!!!!

  1. :wtf:- pls leave a comment of what u think

    aquamarine giant city vs anthracite giant city both golden hardware.

    the case is ... my friend said my bag is ugly after i bought it coz she owe a aquamarine..... giant city ... i feel kinda bad pp..

    do u think i make the right choice of getting anthracite ? :girlsigh:
  2. Sounds like you need a new friend not a new bag. Antharacite is gorgeous IMO.
  3. SOunds like yah got a jealous friend there.... ANthracite is gorgeous... keep her, who cares what others say. :nogood:
  4. Turquoise is very pretty and elegant


    Anthracite is sophisticated, glamorous and stunning
  5. nevermind, i saw ur pics on the other thread