Need experienced LV opionions please!

  1. Hello. I am slowly learning to tell the difference between authentic and not, but still have a long way to go. I've fallen prey to some fakes before but I really need help with an LV Epi Alma bag and need the experienced LV addicts to please take a look for me. The pictures are hosted here and are ONLY pics! Many many thanks in advanced! Isa

    My bad! I can't even spell opinions today.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. I wasn't sure where to put this, but will do so in the proper thread. Actually, I'm not sure what care booklet goes with this! I probably got it mixed up but am most concerned with the bag itself. Thanks again!
  3. Judging by the heat stamp, that is definitely fake.

    Edit: I thought this was supposed to be Vanilla! It's actually yellow (I'm assuming, with the purple interior). Definitely no-no. The yellow should be much brighter than this.