Need everyone's opinions!

  1. I ordered the new Resort Woven Clutch and the Resort Woven Accoridan Wallet for my Birthday gifts. I, of course, couldn't wait so I just opened them but i'm not so sure if I am liking them or not. The clutch is really big which is nice to hold everything but might be a pain to carry around. The wallet is nice but it will be a pain to undo the turnlock everytime I want to open the wallet. I included some pics and a modeling pic of the clutch to show how big it is. I need opinions! If I were to keep one, I would keep the clutch but i'm just not quite sure yet! TIA!! And P.S. I look super fat in the picture so just look at the clutch!

  2. I actually love both. If you think the wallet will be hard to open with the turnlock I'd keep the clutch. It doesn't look too big to me...

    Can you post a pic of you holding the wallet to compare?
  3. I like the clutch.
  4. Well, my question would be will you use a clutch? I would have no use in my life whatsoever for a clutch bag, so that would be out for me. Unless you use it as a wristlet in a larger bag. I like the wallet, if I had a bag it would "go" with. I like to match my accessories somewhat.
  5. I do use clutches. Mostly when I go out to the theater or concerts. The clutch doesn't look that big in the picture, but it is definately bigger than all of my other clutches.
  6. Here's a couple comparison pics with the two in size:

  7. That woven is really pretty! I honestly don't find turnlocks to be such a pain, but if I had to choose, I'd keep the clutch. It's not too big for you and just absolutely adorable!
  8. After seeing both- I like the clutch!
  9. I have been looking at this with lust in my eyes ever since I saw it on the website. I absolutely LOVE the clutch! Beautiful, classy, and different. Use it for evenings out...that's what I would do. I also saw on someone's post about the catalog, that this is also coming out as a purse. LOVE it, and it is perfect size for evenings out!
  10. I love the clutch. Especially if you do use clutches, it's the perfect size....not too big and not too small.
  11. I think that they are both gorgeous, but I LOVE the clutch!! Keep the clutch! I don't think that it's too big in general or on you when you're holding it. I think that it looks classy.

    I like the wallet too, but having to open the turnlock everytime to get into my wallet would drive me crazy.
  12. I would say keep the clutch and return the wallet. that clutch is gorgeous but for some reason I do not like the wallet. I think its good that the clutch is big! and it doesnt look overly big so it seems to be nice size.
  13. Disregarding the fact that the turnlock would drive me bonkers too...I like the wallet.

    The clutch looks just too dang big...but that's JMO
  14. I like the clutch too. I remember when the Zoe clutch came out and thought it would be nice and go with most evening wear. I am witht the other poster who said she would never have a use for one. Maybe a wedding at some point but other than that i don''t see where i would use one but if you go to a lot of social events or to the opera or theatre and you have other bags for normal occasions then I say keep the clutch. I too would return the wallet. It may get all banged up being inside a purse with all of the woven what is it straw ?
  15. I love the clutch! Very pretty and I like that it is a little bigger, you stuff more things into it!! ;)