Need everyone's opinion please!

Dec 26, 2005
I just got the Michael Kors Drawstring satchel, in leather, exactly like the one listed on BG site, but not in Ostrich. I also have the Chloe Edith. With the exception of the two pockets on the MK and the one on Chloe the bags are somewhat similar. They're both the same tan leather, both are almost the same size and have two handles. The nice thing about the MK is that you can wear it on your shoulders and the Chloe you can't. I am leaning towards the MK but I'm afraid that I might be kicking myself in a month for not keeping the Edith, because of it's popularity. I wish I could post pictures, but not sure how. Please help with this handbag dilemma. EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! :sad2:
I HAVE to see photos, I'm visual like that! LOL!
Go find pics, right click and save them to your PC, then add them to this post using the Manage Attchments option. It's VERY easy!
Is this the bag?


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I think that MK bag is very stylish and has design "oomph". Not everyone likes the same have to find a bag that "speaks" to you and that you will feel comfortable using. If we all did what was popular, none of us would develop our own individual style, and the world would be a pretty boring place! :P
I suggest you keep the bag you like most regardless of popularity. I personally like MK much better. I really don't like the Edith. It's a little too Indiana Jones for my taste.