Need Everyones Help

  1. Hi All!

    I am looking to find the MJ Stam bag in last years colors, PUTTY, COLA or BLUSH. I tried calling NM, BG, Saks, NP and the MJ boutique, but didn't get any luck.

    Now I come to you guys here for your help. Has anyone see any of the colors I mentioned anywhere? I really NEED a STAM NOW!!!! HELP!
  2. Looks like you called all the spots, those colors are long sold out. The auction above probably feels justified in selling it for more than retail because of the rareness of that bag.
  3. That is such a beautiful bag, I hope you win the auction!
  4. I would suggest calling a MJ store. As long as you KNOW you want the beg, they're probably the best source. The downside of the MJ store is that if you only have 7 days for a return and would get a store credit instead of a refund. But they seem to have the best "stock" of bags...

    I'd call the SF store and ask for Lauren--she's really nice. Their number is (415) 362-6500. Good luck!
  5. I posted a thread about my local Neiman's carrying the Putty Stam - I think last week. I haven't been back, but it's worth a try.

    Tyson's Galleria - 703-761-1600

    I would ask for Carey if he's there...he's really nice.