Need Everyones Help! Need To Make A Decision Tomorrow!

  1. hey guys

    I'm in a dilemma. Im on the waitlist for the violet and Jaune city in both RH and GGH. I'm waiting patiently for Daphnes call (my SA). Then today I'm on the forum and saw the LE Nieman marcus anniversary bbag! With that gorgeous color and the unique hardware, I was in love! I found one at my local nm and it is on hold till tomorrow. I really had my heart set on getting either the violet or the yellow, especially the violet (I've been waiting all summer). But I've totally fallen for the hardware on the nm anniversary bbag. I would get the nm bag but I already have an indigo twiggy and a marc Jacobs scarlet in electric blue.
    The nm as said the only have the nm bbag in the blue. I can only afford to get one bag. And I'm not sure that I'll get the violet city for sure. Daphne did tell me today that I'm on the top of the list for the violet with GGH but I prefer the gunmetal GH on the nm bag? What should I do?
    thanks for any advice! I would really appreciate it.
  2. hard decision! but i just took a look at the nm! i love the gunmetal hardware! im slightly biased cuz my favorite color is blue and least fav. color is purple =P so im voting for the nm bag!
  3. i think you should go for the NM balenciaga. 1) it's very limited 2) the color of the bag and the hardware is TDF! and 3) the violine GGH will be available for sometime...

    just my 2 cents. good luck
  4. I agree.... I think you should go for the NM special edition since it's a limited edition and it will be collectible. But if you have too many blue bags... I don't know:shrugs:
    It's a tough decision...
  5. I love the RH, even the Giant RH! I think that if you have a couple blue bags it means that you really like blue bags! I'm that way with red bags and black bags. I have a bunch, but I use them all the time! I vote for the NM sounds like you really love it. Plus, if you change your mind later, NM has a good return policy. I say get it for now and mull over it while it is "yours". Go for the NM bag! With all this talk, it makes ME want one!
  6. This must be at the NM @ fashion Island? I was there this past weekend w/ my sister (blessings) and there was 1 on display.. its def magnificent. Have you seen it IRL? I totally love the color, and the hardware is awesome. But, after seeing irl and trying it out.. the color didn't suit me very well. Go try it on before purchasing it. :yes: OR... buy it then return it if you change your mind..:push:

  7. yslalice, do u know nm's return policy? Im not familiar. Thats a good idea!

    Everbody thanks for the input and now that i think of it i do love blue bags! :p
  8. I love blue....but 2 blue balenciagas? To most ppl won't that look like they're the same bag? :sad:
    really can't decide.....?????
  9. I vote for the nm bag. if you really really want the violet one you can always get it later (if it ever becomes available).
  10. meeh too! I wonder if I can still get my hands on one?!
  11. From what you've said, although your heart stops beating for the NM bag, it won't really fill a new role in your collection as you already have two blue bags. I think variety is good (though I'm a hypocrite b/c I just realized that all of my bags are the same color!), so I vote for something else.

    No matter what you decide I'll be excited to see photos!
  12. NM bag. The color is amazing and it's a limited edition bag! That was an easy one. :okay:
  13. If I don't get it I'll give u my sa's number and u can have her. At least she'll have a good home!
  14. I agre, I think you should go for the NM bag! I think there is a big difference between the indigo twiggy and the NM bag! The NM bag is a city too, isn't it... and the harware OMG, I doubt people would mistake it for the same bag (not to mention judging by pics the blues look considerably different to me).