Need Evening Bag Advice Please

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  1. My son is getting married in September, and I'm trying to find an evening bag that would match a tan dress. Tan is not a color I normally wear (mother of the groom is supposed to blend into the background), so I have nothing at home that I can use. I also need to find some kind of scarf or shawl (hopefully with a bit more color than tan). I don't want to spend a million bucks, since I'm already blowing thousands on other wedding expenses. Anybody got any ideas? Used is fine. Thanks, guys.
  2. Hi Kathy, how much is your budget, please? Zappos and ebags have some reasonably-priced and nice-looking evening bags.

    Oh, and congrats to your son :biggrin:
  3. What do you think of these two J Renee evening bags, please?

    While surfing the net, I came across this site but don't know how reliable it is (it's got lots of stuff like evening bags, scarves and shawls). You'll have to ask other posters if they have bought from this site if you're interested:
  4. Good grief, you guys are great! There are LOTS of great ideas here. As for budget, I don't have a fixed price, just don't want to spend a lot on something that I will likekly never use again. Since you did so well on this, does anybody know a source for a great shawl to go over an evening gown? I would love to find something with color to offset the boring tan gown. All ideas are appreciated. And, may I say again, THANKS!
  5. Kezza, I'm not a huge Coach fan, but I agree with you that the new ombre line is pretty darned cool. Not sure I want to spend $350 for something so small though!
  6. Passerby, that lartisana is a great site. Thanks! This is my son's wedding, and I want to look good, so I am willing to pay as much as a few hundred for a nice shawl. The dress is so darned boring, I'd like to find something that will jazz it up!
  7. has some amazing scarves.

    However, are they big enough? And since they are based in Italy, will it be a hassle to get the goods shipped to where you are? Anyone care to comment about their experience buying from Forzieri? Thanks.

    Basile silk shawl
    Ken Scott long scarf
    Renato Balestro square scarf
    Basile Blooming Roses square scarf
    Basile Tangerine/Beige
  8. you could think about getting the bag and shawl made together...not necessarily matching (unless you want tha), but definitly coordinating... I had Jennifer Marvin do a Cashmir one lined with silk and I just LOVE It....yes, wrong time of year for cashmir...but, very, very good for silk...she has great ideas and personal service...
    there is a contact link on her site
  9. first of all, congratulations for the wedding!!!:nuts::flower:
    this bag matches with the tan gown and allows you to find a colorful shawl!
    [​IMG](it's 86.95)
    [​IMG](it's 108.95)
    [​IMG](it's 98.95)
    [​IMG](a bit expensive:180.95)

  10. Oh, my, you guys just rock. Thanks so much! I'll let you know how I do!