Need essay topic for Hight School


Dec 27, 2005
My son wants to find a essay topic for a ten page research paper for his honors class. The teacher gave them a list of topics which you can be pro or con with. They were pretty typical like abortion, animal testing, stem cell research, cloning. Some of the topics just seem to be so common with being for or against it and I am sure the teacher has read these type of papers for years. The students are able to do their own topic if it gets approval by the teacher and my son would like to go this route since he feels it is thinking out of the box. He is a bit lost for topics. Can anyone come up with some topics to think about?
Nuclear weapons, terrorism and the response to it, immigration, money spent on wars in the Middle East were a few things he thought of. Just looking for some more ideas. He loves history and thought of doing something on the racial profiling of Muslims around the world. I am sure there are many things to write about but he really wants his paper to stand out.
Thanks for any thoughts.


Aug 16, 2007
The craft room.
Interesting topics off the top of my head:

-Arranged marriages
-Fast food (and how bad it is)
-Childhood obesity
-Welfare and how some states are asking for drug testing for it.
-Teenage pregnancies
-Video games and it's effect on the brain.
-Social networking (lots of pros and cons there)
-Online dating (pros and cons there too)
-How people get the news. Less newspaper more internet. Saves trees but how about the paper companies??
-Having paper money all on some sort of "card" (very creepy, yet very interesting!!)
-Public education

I'm sure I'll think of more.. Good luck to him!!


Oct 12, 2011

Though OP's son has probably written the essay, I want to add some topics, in case someone else needs them:

-Saving money (lots of pros but also some cons - like not enjoying life to the fullest etc).

- Going to uni VS finding a job.

-Choosing a well paid but not self-fullfilling job VS a not well-paid but totally self fullfiling one.

-Mum / Dad who works VS Stay-at-home mum / dad and the examples they set in each case.

-To listen or not to listen in older peoples' advice.

- Traditional books VS e-books and today's teenagers' reading habits.