Need encourgement...ok enabling

  1. This is my first post and I don't own a Coach yet. Last month I was visiting my family in TX and my sister and I were at the mall. We happened to go in the Coach boutique; I don't know why since I have never gone in one before. The moment I laid eyes on the mineral satchel I was in love. The most expensive bag I have ever bought was a $130 Hobo International so spending $458 on a bag is a huge leap for me. I've been doing some extra writing for work so I have the $ and have been planning to get a nice bag with some of my extra loot. And I deserve it, I've had a rough year and I'm a new mom and don't treat myself too often. The practical side of me says to go to the outlet and get a good deal. But I seriously have dreams about that mineral bag! I guess I want somone to tell me I won't regret it. Did anyone else here have a hard time buying their first real, expensive bag?
  2. Isn't that mineral gorgeous!

    Yep, you deserve it with all you're going through and how hard you are working + a new Mom too!

    As long as you're not putting yourself in any financial hardship, a splurge on something you'll enjoy and make you smile everyday is completely OK!!

    Oh, and welcome to tpf, by the way!!
  3. I say go for it! Us moms need to treat ourselves every once in a're worth it!
  4. I had the same feeling recently when jumping from Coach to Prada. I just recieved my Prada hobo today and I can tell you it is worth the splurge! Once in a while it is just what we need. I am a mom of two so i can sympathize. Keep in mind that certain bags will always be in style so it can be used for years to come. I am just starting to get serious about collecting and am new to The Purse Forum. Good luck on your decision!
  5. Oh yeah, I've definitely had that feeling before and then I quickly got over it. You definitely deserve it and should go for it!!
  6. Thanks! You ladies are great. I should have come to you when I was having jeans buying issues ;). I hope to get my extra $ at the end of the month and I'm going to go for it. I'll still have a sizeable chunk to put in savings. And maybe take my daughter to Gymboree!
  7. I agonized for months before buyin my first Coach bag. I worried about everything from it was a wise decision to spend that much on a bag to if the SA would look down on me when I came in the store with my cheap purse from Target wanting to buy a Coach bag. I finally bought one, and I'm so glad I did. It was over 2 years ago, and I still use the bag all the time. You know what you want, and you have the money, so go ahead and get it!
  8. There is nothing like the thrill of buying a new handbag! I love clothes shopping for my kids though. I like them looking good, peer pressure has already started and my daughter is only going into Kindergarten. My son is 10 so he's already been there. My daughter is very concerned about her image, she doesn't want to be made fun of and this is at a Christian school!? Is there anywhere out there where merit is judged on the heart and not the sleeve?
    OOps, sorry about that, see what kids do to you??!!
  9. When you purchase a bag you love, you may question your sanity in spending so much, but all those feelings will melt away everytime you wear the bag. And quality bags last for years, so this isn't a purse you can only wear for one season before it is falling apart. When you consider cost per wear on a quality bag, the true price you are paying can actually be equal to or less than multiple cheaper bags.

    Bags are an investment. They are worth the money and you are worth the splurge. I, too, am a mom of young kids and even when nothing else goes right during a day carrying a great bag can make my day better!
  10. You definitely deserve it. As a mom, you have to take care of yourself too and that means looking good and feeling good. I also have 2 children and they get what they need and many of their wants. I work hard and deserve some nice things too and bags (and shoes :yes:) are my things.
  11. I say you deserve it, so go get it girl, especially since you've been dreaming about it! :yes:

    I truly love that Mineral color, it's just such a gorgeous color. If you take the plunge and end up getting your purse, be sure to post pictures, we love to see them.:tup: We Mommies deserve a treat every once in awhile!
  12. I've never used to have a problem justifying an expensive purchase . . . until I started buying toooooo much Coach! Now it's under control.

    Yes, it's okay to make an expensive purchase, if you know you will use it and enjoy using it! Is it a purse, that will suit your lifestyle and be enjoyable to use.
  13. you should absolutely get the mineral satchel if you're in love with it. personally, i think that mineral color is absolutely gorgeous. it's very chic and sophisticated. i'm sure it'll look wonderful on your shoulder or arm.

    even though it's very expensive, don't settle for less than what makes your heart happy. sure, you could go to the coach outlet and get a couple things for the same price of the mineral satchel. but you'd still feel that longing for the satchel. i've been there before. i could never justify paying so much for a i bought a lot of coach wristlets and accessories. i admit some of them are super clean because i haven't used them yet. and there are a few bags that slipped through my fingers and now i regret not getting it.

    definitely listen to these ladies, get the mineral! good luck! and welcome!
  14. My advice, you should go with your heart and do what ever that will satisfies you most. What's more important is what you like.
  15. I had a very hard time my first also. I saved Christmas and birthday money just so DH couldn't give me any grief. I spent six months looking for the just right purse. (now I don't have any problem:graucho:)

    Buy the purse. It will make you happy each time you pick it up to carry it, look at it, add stuff to it. You deserve it.

    Buy the purse, because you can always return it if you get it home and panic. If you don't buy it now and decide to later, it might be gone.