Need enabling....

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  1. Ok ,So I am new to Marc Jacobs being a Hermes girl but have really been hooked line and sinker,Am awaiting my yellow Stam to arrive but am falling for the Ines...Can you guys who know what they are talking about tell me aliitle about it...Is it a classic or a seasonal bag...I cant get one from here so will be looking at ebay...Please sell this bag to me....(Or not....!):yes:
  2. Welcome! The Stam is definitely a classic style. Yellow was released Fall 2007 and most of the department stores (ALL of the ones I know of) have already sold out as of a few months ago. There were a few up on ebay a couple of months ago for less than $1000. Originally Retailed for $1350. Good luck! This color definitely makes my eyes bulge and is to die for in real life.
  3. my second favorite thing to do here is enabling others into buying mj bags (favorite thing is buying them myself, of course). that being said, i LOVE the ines. i really wish i could've picked up a peanut or chocolate one during the sales. the indigo and cherrytart are very lovely too. it's also available in white, black, and, i think, blush. the ines has a classic shape, just the right amount of hardware, and the perfect size. it will in no way ever scream "fall 2007!" the style is a definite favorite around here. i mean, the spring bags are out, and there are still posts about it! get it!

  4. I don't know if you've already seen this, but here's a pic of Christina with her Ines:

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  5. Thanks guys.....So the ines is discontinued....?I am hunting ebay and have spotted a few.....Just love the look of her.....I have a bad case of MJ.....:yes:
  6. i love it! the thing i love the most is the chain/leather handle ... its better than the full chain but more glamglam than leather. do it!!! ive seen a few on ebay and i dont think there have been fakes (but who knows, right?!) :heart:
  7. GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!!:woohoo::woohoo:

    How's that for enabling? Seriously, you couldn't get two better MJ bags than the Ines and a Yellow Stam! What a combo!! Good luck in your decision and be sure to post pics when your lovely bag(s) come in! Welcome to the world of MJ!!
  8. Wow ,you can't argue with that enabling....! Will post pics when they get here ....!Have'nt got the Ines yet...:graucho:
  9. What are you waiting for? Get the Ines!!! :nuts: Just doing my part to enable.....
  10. Hee, hee!! :angel: Hope you decide to get the Ines too!:yes:
  11. I saw a couple of Ines bags at NM!
  12. Don't live in the states....:Push:.....mores the pity...!
  13. Good find! I always think of this pic when someone talks about the Ines.
  14. oh i love the ines :heart:

    since you are used to buying hermes, you'll be doing your wallet/credit card a favor by purchasing an ines! there are 4 on ebay at the moment. goodluck :smile:
  15. I love the Ines and definitely regret not getting the chocolate one when I spotted one during the Christmas sales. Please get one ASAP and don't forget to post pictures so we can be jealous!!! :tup: