need enabling for red patent ergo

  1. Need enabling since I find this bag a little too big for me since I am small frame 5'. So, if you can, be my model please, thanks a lot!
  2. I'm only 5'1...and I am ORDERING it, baby!!!

    Mantras for your enabling pleasure:

    - It's surprisingly light!
    - Big bags are in!
    - It is The Hotness!
    - It's pretty and squishable!
    - Oooh...shiny!
    - But not TOO shiny!
    - PCE time!!! of those ought to work for you. :tup:
  3. And red is HOT!! :supacool:
  4. I just ordered it today, I'm 6'3" size 8 and it's the perfect size on me (I tried on the reg leather one), but if you like big bags, go for it!

    The SA's were so interested in it, I am having it delivered to the store and they were so excited bc they wanted to see it

    Also, OT, but I told them about that geranium satchel and they were fascinated by that one also! Had neverr heard of it!
  5. I just ordered mine :yahoo: I am 5'10" but if you like it you should CARRY IT!! the red is hot.

    court, mine is being delivered to the store for the same reason! teehee.
  6. they have two other patent bags
    the ergo patent tote 11016
    and the 11012....

    they are both $398 so i am assuming they are smaller, but i cant get them to work in drilldown!!
  7. Do it! :okay:

    Patent is so eye-catching, and (at least for me) red is one way to make me feel like a woman. I never cease to feel cute when I have red nails or shoes or a bag.

    Consider it an investment in your mental health. :p
  8. I'm 5'2" and after trying on all the ergo hobos, that one fit the nicest on my shoulder, was the easiest to get on one handed and the patent is really nice. Squishy is a great adjective for the material. Plus, it smells heavenly. I didn't get to try on the red patent but if I did, I would prolly end up buying it.
    The great thing about the large of the ergo hobo is it is so light weight, you would really have to fill it up to feel weight on your shoulder.