Need Ebay Help, Advice 0 Feedback Bidder has bid up my auction to reserve

  1. and has not contacted me as I have requested when I inquired about their intention on paying for the item. I was very polite. Welcomed them to eBay and asked if they would be using Paypal to pay. Nothing, no response, it's been over 12 hours. I can't see if they have bid on anything else as eBay does not allow those searchs anymore. Don't know what to do here. This is something I wouldn't want to relist as I had five serious bidders prior to this one who has run up the total. My auction ends in 30 hours...what would you do???:confused1: I am so frustrated with the whole eBay thing.
  2. I ever had the similiar problem. I gave her 3 days and still no contact after I sent her twice payment reminders!! Finally, I tell her I'll take serious act, file NPB to eBay, strike & - feedback given and blocked her from all my auctions, within 1 hours, she responded & forwarded payment.

    Normally, we'll wait till 7 days but I understand what you feel right now without contact from bidder! As a winner, I usually contact my seller within 1 day or at least 2 days.

    Good luck
  3. so, the auction hasn't ended yet? I wouldn't get back to you either if the auction isn't over because who knows if I will win the item?

    I would wait until that ebayer has actually won, and then worry about it. but I think you can always cancel their bid if they didn't get back to you - only you need to state that in your auction or send them another email saying you need a response otherwise you will cancel their bid.
  4. I would also give the bidder more than 12 hours to respond. Many people don't have the time or access to the internet but once a day. This can include checking personal email. Also, if this person is new to ebay then she might not realize that her zero feedback might make some sellers nervous.
  5. ^ ITA. :yes: