Need ebay advice regarding a sale I made...


Dec 29, 2006
Thank you for all of your insight! After one invoice and two polite emails, I finally heard from the winning bidder today. She said that she would pay me by 8 p.m. tonight. She seemed very nice, and I sent back a nice reply thanking her, telling her I would ship her package first thing in the a.m. so she would receive it by the end of the week, and told her I would be honored to leave her her first feedback on ebay:smile:. Now, with 45 mins. to go, I will keep my fingers crossed that she pays as she said she will.

Like the pp said, I too pay very promptly when I win an auction, and expect that, though I admit that it's unrealistic and unreasonable, from buyers. I will try to "chill" a little bit, and not be so uptight in the future.:yes: Part of it could be that I am waiting on the proceeds on this bag to buy a Cabas Mezzo, and want to do that asap!!! I'm so excited! The Mezzo should then arrive by the end of the week, as should my new Hampstead MM - what a great LV week:yahoo: Thanks, again, for listening to me stress - I promise I will be more patient from now on...

Her Blackness

Apr 26, 2007
I usually pay immediately upon winning an auction, but I don't always.
I can be anxious with winning bidders who don't pay immediately, however I also had to come to the realization that there is a seven day grace. And heck, even for those who say that "payment must be made..." within 3 days, 4 days, etc., a NPB can't be filed until 7 days out.
I recently sold a little vintage Gucci tote. It didn't fetch much money, but it was more to the point that I wanted the item out of my house. I was clearing out and wanted to get the transaction done.
Winning bidder made no contact, no payment for 4 days. I sent emails, but they gave no response. I was peeved and a bit anxious, but I had to sit and wait. They paid, I sent, transaction good.
It just helps me to see how sellers feel if/when I don't pay as promptly as possible.
We must realize that life happens and not everyone is glued to their pc, mac, treo, blackberry.