Need ebay advice regarding a sale I made...

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  1. I had my Cabas Piano up for sale on ebay. Auction ran for 5 days, and ended today about 6 hours ago. The winning bidder (who had not bid at all until the last minute), just joined ebay today, and has 0 feedback. I don't have a good feeling about this. :wtf: I have been on ebay for a few years, have sold a fair number of authentic LV, and have always had great luck with people paying within the first few hours/first day of the purchase. My question is, how long do you think I should wait to hear from this person/receive payment, before I do a second chance offer to the next bidder?

    I sent the winning bidder an email saying "Thank you again for purchasing the authentic LV Cabas Piano, and welcome to ebay! I would appreciate payment via PayPal as soon as possible. If you are not able to complete this transaction, please let me know so that I might offer it to another bidder. Once I have received payment, I will ship your bag via USPS Priority mail, and will gladly leave you positive feedback. Once you have received the bag, I hope that you will be very happy with it, and will leave me positive feedback as well. Thank you, again, and have a nice evening!"

    That was about three hours ago, and I have not gotten a response to the email. Do you think I should be concerned? How long would you suggest that I wait before doing a second chance offer? I can't explain it, I just don't have a good feeling about this. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!
  2. Relax. We were all first-timers on ebay at one time or another. Give the buyer a chance. It is Sunday, many people are at church or are relaxing and not watching their PCs like us!!
  3. Yeah, definitely give it awhile.

    Even new buyers have 7 days to pay. They probably signed up today, saw your item, put a snipe bid in on it, and left.

    I'm sure you'll get payment in a few days. If not, after 7 go right ahead and relist, or 2nd chance.
  4. Have you heard anything back yet? perhaps the buyer sniped it and hasn't been home yet to make payment. I hope it ends well!
  5. i know this is unfair, but if i don't hear from a 0 feedback bidder within 3 days, i usually just relist it.... maybe you can do a search to see what else this person has bid on
  6. I've sold to a number of 0 feedback buyers and had good expeiences. I just had my frist glitch but I think it was more of a misunderstanding that the buyer didn't know how paypal worked. I really hope this works out, though, since it is an international sale.
  7. I always state in my listings that if I have not heard from the winner within 48 hrs. of auction's end, that I will relist. They don't necessarily have to pay me that quickly (although 99% do), I just want hear and keep the momentum going. You might state that or a similar policy in your listings from now on. I feel sure you'll hear before long. Good luck!
  8. You never know. I just sold a Tod's bag to a zero FB bidder, and although she took 3-4 days to pay, she did. But, I sold 4 Simpsons DVDs to another zero FB bidder, and he hasn't paid. Patience is key.
  9. Relax... I just happened to have sold my LV to a buyer with 0 feedback last month. I had stated that buyer need to respond within hours but didn't hear from buyer or get payment for 3 days. But the buyer did make payment and everything went smoothly. Left pos. feedback too. Wait and see and give the new buyer some time.
  10. ITA with the majority of posters who advise you to give her a little more time. Technically she does have seven days to submit payment. I hope the matter is resolved soon. :yes:

  11. While I understand why sellers say this because of all the crooked people out there.....I guess I dont see that as always fair.

    What happens if someone is sniping or bids and something happens in their life and they cant get on the computer for a few days.

    They have up to 7 days to pay before you can file a NPB, so wouldnt it be right to just wait?

    Now, I say all that being someone who pays within minutes unless the auction ends while im asleep.

    But I think, after selling and buying I have learned to be a little more open - yet cautious at the same time.

    For example: I bid on something last Thurs night. The auction was to end Fri morning.....however, I left to go on a mini vaca early Fri morning. I didnt get back until Monday night. I didnt have my computer w/ me and didnt get online until Tues morning!

    I didnt even know I had won until I checked my email Tues morning.....about 5 days later.

    Thank God:Push:, the seller waited until she got my PayPal $$ before canceling, etc.

    I was an honest bidder. But my life comes first and I wasnt going to delay my vaca to see if I even won the auction. But was going to pay w/in 7 days, if I did.
  12. I would just wait too...

    I've had several 0 FB bidders and they all took a few days to pay but all did complete the transaction without any issues.

    If you don't hear anything by Tuesday or Wednesday I would just send a friendly reminder that you haven't received the payment and have the bag ready to go. I also ask that they buyer let me know if they have any questions or issues.

    If they are new to Ebay, they may be trying to figure out Paypal, get funds into there, etc. I have found the buyers typically respond with either a payment or an e-mail about when I will receive the payment when I send them this message.
  13. I feel your nervousness... I had the same thing happen with my auction a few days ago. I had a bad feeling and it came true, she said her paypal account wasn't set up yet and asked to send a money order. I told her if she sent it priority mail then sure... next thing i know she's asking if i can just sell it to the next highest bidder! She's lucky the next highest bidder bought it and it was only $10 difference!
  14. oh my that is so terrible! i hope this works out in your favor!!!
  15. I am anal about ebay -I pay immediately when I buy and freak out if I don't hear from my buyer right away, when I sell - but that doesn't make me right, it just makes me impatient and a tad unreasonable - I say, hold off before you panic - It will probably all be fine. Good luck!