need dress for brother's rehearsal dinner. help!


Jan 13, 2006
i'm looking for a dress for my brother's rehearsal dinner this weekend. i want it to be versatile so i can wear it to other events.<>prd_id=2064899357&FOLDER<>folder_id=5997541



do you like any of these? are they appropriate for the event? any other suggestions?

and one more question, i'm a 34C . i don't know if i should go w/ a 4 or 6 for any of these dresses. i see the size charts but i never know if it's true to size or runs big or small.

i could use any help. thanks!
Sep 26, 2007
I like the second dress the best, slightly fancier than the other two. (i am biased tho, I am against the trapeze dresses (#3)) I am a 34c also, I think dress sizes depend more on the rest of your proportions? Usually I wear a 2, and even some 0s fit.