Need Dress & Clutch HELP for my in-law's Wedding!!

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  1. I am going to attend in-law's wedding.

    I have a perfect pair of shoes but I need advise or opinions on dress and clutch.

    I am going to wear Manolo Blahnik's d'orsay silver pumps as seen on Sex and the City (as known as Carrie's stolen shoes).

    My first choice of the dress is J.Crew Carson dress in navy.
    I am in my 30s with a pre-schooler so I want to be representable as a mother as well.

    What do you think??

    And I have no clue about clutch. Any suggestion on clutch???
  2. That looks like a lovely combo! For a clutch, would you want to match your shoes or would you like something different? Do you already own a clutch? Also do you plan to wear any jewelry? I think, for me, these questions would be a factor on what clutch I get or use, if I already own one.:flowers:
  3. I love that dress in navy! May I ask what price point you are looking at? To me the dress says crystal necklace and clutch, but I don't know if that may be too much for this occasion. I still think something silver, or if you could find it, silver and navy.
  4. I have only a black clutch appropriate for wedding but I would prefer a different color for this combination, silver would be probably best. I would appreciate if you have any recommendations!! Cuz there are too many clutches sold at store and I don't even know where to begin.

    I was going to find jewelry but I realized I have pale pink pearls earrings, necklace and ring.
    But I wonder if it's too boring...? What do you think?

    The wedding will be at held at church then after-party at the bride/groom's house, so it's pretty casual but they are conservative, and their parents are very conservative too, so I want to make sure I look representable in the eyes of them too!
  5. I wonder if the dress may look a little bit too boring but I think it's safer to be conservative since I am a guest :smile: I hope I don't look too boring at the wedding...
  6. Another dress option is this. But I'm not certain if this is ME..and if this is appropriate.

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  7. I think your first choice of a dress is very nice, since you are thinking of wearing pink jewelry, how about a pale pink clutch? I don't know what your budget is but I think that might be a great addition to your outfit.:flowers:
  8. I decided to go with the first dress (J.Crew Carson in navy). I tried it on and it looks really nice as you all say!! Conservative and representable. I strongly recommend this dress to anyone who is looking for a dress for wedding.

    Julide, thank you for the suggestion. Pale pink clutch would be a great addition if I wear the pearls, so I will definitely consider that color!!
  9. I do love these Bottega Veneta woven clutch. This will complete the outfit but I'm not certain if I can spend so much $$ on this tiny thing. Sigh!!

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  10. This might work. Found at Nordy.

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  11. Although the previous one look a little cheap, this clutch might look better.

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  12. That BV knot be would be perfect if you can s t r e t c h to it

    Here is a sleek,trim, pale pink Gucci Broadway clutch ($495). I think you could easily use it for day or other functions after the wedding

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  13. I really like the last two clutches that were posted!!:tup::tup:
  14. Wow this one is pretty too! beautiful color!
  15. I also second the bottegaveneta if you can stretch. I really love the look of it, otherwise I think the clutch with crystals (the last picture with you posted) looks very lovely too