Need Dog Collar advice (and enabling)


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So, I have decided that my precious puppy needs a Coach collar for Christmas. Since it is soo close to that time, and other peoples presents are more important than mine, I am not going to use my PCE on a new bag right now. Should I use it on a collar, or give it away and try to find a cheaper used one on evilbay? This is only the second PCE I have gotten, and I used the November one on a pair of sneakers from the shoe sale, I am worried that I will never get another one just because these have not hit me at the best time of the year. I tried to get my DH to go use it on a present for me, but he just does not understand this obsession, yet. Has anyone had any experience yet with the quality of the older ones vs. these newer ones on the site right now? I think that may be my biggest deciding factor, well along with what size I will need when I measure her neck later!


May 18, 2009
I bought one with the last PCE for my dog. It is going to be her Christmas present haha. I paid a little over $50 with the PCE which I believe it is hard to find them on ebay any cheaper then that.

The quality is great however I do not know about the quality of the older collars.

One thing I recommend though is sizing. I always bought Bella a size small collar at Petco so I ordered the small. It was huge! I had to exchange it for an x-small which fits her nicely (although the hardware is a little big but I think that is just because she is so tiny). I say go for it :biggrin:

BTW... I notice you are from Western PA. Same here!


Feb 20, 2009
North-East USA
I don't have experience with the new collars. My dog Thor (miniture pinscher) got a collar 2 or 3 years ago for Christmas (Outlets had them on clearance). He loves it (or so I believe):amuse:. The quality is great...the only place that shows any wear is on the end where I clip his leash to the ring on the collar...the leather is worn there but it still looks cool!

I really don't think you can find one at a better price than PCE right now. (JMO) Go for it!


Waiting on UPS
Dec 28, 2006
The U.P.
I got my dog the new red leather collar that has the bone charm (so macho!) during the last PCE. Is is wearing very well! I had problems with all of his older Coach collars with the stitching fraying and the patent leather fading, so I'm hoping the newer ones have better wearability. I think the price using the PCE would be hard to beat!!


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Thank you everyone for your help, I went in and ordered the khaki/gold collar with the little peace sign for her last night, it will be here in 3-5 days! It took a lot of resistance to not buy anything else, and I almost left with my black Madison Shoulder Bag, too, but the consequences of coming home with that right before Xmas were not worth it. ;) Those need to go to the outlet soon, so I can get one!

Marie Lee

Nov 21, 2009
midwest, USA
My two german shepherds and mini poodle all have had coach collars for 3 years, they are wearing very very well, and my girls play rough, The legacy stripe collar is a work of art, tee hee. At the dog park, a little girl about 8 was petting my girl in my avatar, and noticed her black siggie collar, and said "mom look, she has Coach" So funny this little chickie already knew Coach