Need details - has anyone seen the Rock & Chain IRL?

  1. I'm wait-listed for the large calfskin Rock and Chain, but that is part of Act2 so it won't be here for a few weeks (I'm assuming.) I'm not sure whether I should hold off for this bag or get a different bag that is available... but may not be in a few weeks.

    The most important thing is... does the large Rock and Chain fit comfortably over the shoulder? I just received my Spring Catalogue from Chanel and none of the pictures have the models with the bag over the shoulder. They are always shown carrying it. Even the large Rock and Chain is always hand held.

    Has anyone actually tried this bag on, in real life? Any information would be greatly appreciated! :yes:
  2. I tried it at the trunk show.It is a TRUE sling style bag..went on my shoulder..Very cute...Very funky for Chanel..I loved it
  3. What's a "sling" style? Isn't it more of a Hobo style? Are you getting the Rock and Chain, or is it too slouchy similar to your Soft and Chain and Cabas?
  4. i saw it too...its a beautifully edgy bag for Chanel
    looks very pricey
    it kinda looks like a hobo at an angle....hard to explain, but Jill said it right...i think (if i remember correctly) that when on shoulder it is more of a north/south instead of east/west
  5. W/ a coat on a not super teeny gal, it may not fit comfortably.
    I'm a 6/8 and if I had on a true winter coat, I am not sure it would have fit.
  6. I'm thinking this may be a warm weather bag, for me. As long as I can get it over my shoulder, I'm not going to worry about my heavy winter coats. You do make a good point about "not super teeny gals"... is this a huge round bag that is not very slenderizing?

    Swanky, why did you decide not to purchase it? is it because it doesn't stand on its own? Any other reasons?
  7. I could definitely wear over my shoulder--it is an interesting shape, much like a sling, as Jill said. It is very smooshy and edgy...
  8. I may be passing up the Cotton Club for this, so that's why I'm asking so many questions. I apologize!

    What is the difference between a "sling" and a "hobo"? I'm not sure I've ever seen a sling. (I love the smooshy part... )
  9. Ok --let me give this a try:p
    the soft and chain has more of a hobo shape--looking from the front the bag will look slim, from the side the bag will look rectangular...
    Now picture your arm in a sling with your elbow close to your body and your arm out like you're doing "i'm a little teapot" (yes I have two girls). Looking from the front you see the large side of the sling in front and back but looking from the side the bag looks narrow...
    I hope that helps!
  10. Thanks for the info guys! Jayne, could you buy the cotton club now and exchange it later?
  11. Are you saying it's a big, fat, round, slouchy shoulder bag? :p

    nerdphanie, I could always exchange it, yes... but I prefer not to do that. I always shop in person and I don't like to return things unless it's absolutely necessary. I appreciate the Boutique letting me do returns because they don't do that for everyone. They may only issue a credit note for some customers. (Department stores are much more accommodating with returns.) I would hate to abuse the privilege at the Boutique.

    If I were to shop across country, as so many Americans do, and have things delivered to try on and then sent back... I would feel more comfortable. But shopping in person, with my SA? I only return on occasion... if that.
  12. ^yes, that's what it was IMO! LOL!
    It's not massive, but very unstructured and kind of fits like a Cabas IMO.
    It fits up close under the arm like that I thought.