Need design ideas from the creative PF'ers!

  1. It is clear that most people on this site are very creative and some have restored homes. I have finished restoring a 1918 Italian Renaissance home in California, which is my residence. The previous owners tore out the original fireplace :censor: . I have redone the fireplace with a mahogony mantle from 1910 and then custom tile to keep the integrety of the time period. Now I have design block! :amazed:

    I need ideas for things to put on top of the mantle and then on the wall above. The wall is a medium cream color, not as light as it looks in the pic. I don't want to do a mirror, and I am particular about any artwork that goes in the home...any ideas??
  2. Ooh, where is Sunshine?

    Good luck Irishgal, I dont trust myself just yet with home decor. My mom just buys a lot of oriental vases, plates, and figurines, lol. Oh, and gigantic glass eggs.
  3. Hrm... I'd, personally, scope out local galleries... galleries in the city... find out who the "up and commers" are in the Universities/Colleges in the area and buy their work, if you find something that strikes you?

    My father deals in Turkish rugs and has one over one of his fireplaces and it's a gorgeous backdrop for items on the mantlepiece, and adds some lush jeweltones to the room. He has it haning from a cast iron rod that has sconces(?)...really dramatic and gorgeous...that would follow the Italian theme, albeit more gothic ;)

    It really is a gorgeous fireplace!! Whoever you contracted did a great job, and you'd never know it wasn't original. Play on the greens and mahongany with reds and jeweltones, if you want it to be the focal point or if that's your style.
    Because it's green it would look amazing with neutrals around it too.

    Have fun, let us know!

    I'd love to see the rest of your house! I love homes!
  4. Do you have couches that face it? Need more info on the whole room! Plasma TV? Or a lovely painting of Italian landscape with some Venetian glass vases on the hearth. More info!
  5. These are great ideas! Yes, there is a couch that faces it, and on the facing and side walls are 5 French doors with transcom windows, so there is enough glass...
  6. I've seen some stunning paintings on the Boundless Gallery website

    They have a huge selection in all price ranges, so I'm sure you could find something to match your furnishings, etc. You can also commission a custom piece through them.
  7. if you'll consider art, describe what you dream career would be residential art consulting, so I'd love to help. Give me a target budget if you want.

    would you consider a stained glass piece?
  8. What about an Italian tapestry? My sister is majoring in fibers at KCAI, and is always talking about wall hangings. If not tapestry, I think a beautiful BIG art piece would be nice. I have a very large Tarkay painting in my living room over the piano (it's almost as wide as the piano itself) and it just makes the whole room! And it's the only real "color" in the room, as everything else is done in neutrals.
  9. One thing I have seen done above fireplaces is to "create" your own art from pictures of family and loved ones. Use different sized frames, etc.
    It will be the focal point of the room...and I think family is always something worth sharing with others.

    I think candles in beautiful holders are always nice atop a fireplace (even inside the fireplace!)...shades of green/red/brown would look good. Or colors that play off of those little tiles you have in that blue/green color.

    Or go completely modern and slap a big ole' plasma on it (lol that's what my hubby would

    Personally I like the family's warm (if that makes sense) and fireplaces always exude warmth in a room (whether a fire is going or not).
  10. I LOVE the way it looks! I so love to to decorate...but I stick to what I do best and thats a tropical island like style (since I live on one!) and a Nantucket look...I would be of no help...but it looks goregous.
  11. I would do a mirror, but since you don't want to do that, look for art. But I would only put a piece of art if you find something that you LOVE. A plasma TV would be great, but if this is your formal living area and have another room for casual living, then I wouldn't do that.
  12. how about lots of black and white pics framed?