Need decision, new to the forum

:yes: hello, I have been reading this forum for almost a year exactly...I've always loved purses(only guccis,coaches and dooneys) and had my 1st V Christmas of 2005. My husband actually introduced me to this forum when he was deciding what to buy before. He got the Popincourt Haut for Christmas and on my birthday got me the Wallet Organizer. This Christmas he bought me a Damier Alma. I've always wanted an Alma(even before the PH).My dilemma is I know that I will buy a Speedy or 2 this year for myself (most likely both on the Mono and Damier, not sure which order either) So I don't know if I want to keep the Damier Alma or get the Epi Alma instead:confused1: . My girlfriend has it in Black so I'm leaning towards the Cannelle. What should I do ? Also He originally bought the Tikal GM but I said no and would like an Alma so he exchanged it once already. Will the SA be okay with that ? The purse is still in the box, since I can't decide on which Alma. I am also beginning to love it in the Damier. BTW, i will probably get the speedy in February but would like an Alma to use now.
I also agree with Juan! Keep the Damier Alma for's really gorgeous, then get the Speedy in either Cannelle (since you were considering it for the Alma) or black. Either way, it's really pretty.