Need decision help -Mini Lin Speedy or Miroir Speedy?

  1. So I am curently on the list for the silver speedy but I am now falling in love with the pictures I've seen of the Mini Lin Speedy. I cannot afford to buy both bags (though I wish I could) and I'm starting to think the Mini Lin would be not only alot cheaper but maybe more practical (I can use it more for work, etc.). I need help making a decision! Thank you!!!
  2. If you want a bag you can use more, than I say go with the mini lin, but in my opinion, the miror bag is 10x better than the mini lin. Can you use the miror everywhere? no. Is it going to be "in" three years from now? probably not. BUT...the miror is still a beautiful bag. If its practicality you the mini lin. JMHO.
  3. The Mini Lin is more practical and versatile IMO, but I like the look of the Miroir better.
  4. ^^ ITA. :yes: But if you want something you'll use for a long time, I'd go with the mini lin. :flowers:
    I LOVE LV but believe me they have had some misses in the years, I am 51 and can't imagine some styles for me like the graffiti, cheeries and even the groom.Sorry, not meant to offend anyone but I like CLASSIC DAMIER, EPI,) AND maybe thats boring , but I never get bored........ The most in your face color I can't wait to get LV bag is the red epi alma-next year-
    the bottom line is you have to be satisified, so whichever ,its what you want AND WILL USE THE MOST!

    Good luck, I know I can't wait for my mini li...........
  6. I say wait until the Miroir comes out then you can see both in person at a LV store and make your decision. The Mini Lin is a permanent line so you don't have to make your decision right away!

    Unless of course you're itching to get the mini lin tomorrow... :P I do agree with everyone else that the mini lin is MUCH more practical. The miroir I see as a very "collectors" piece in that it's more for a collection rather than practical..

    I can't wait to see it in real life cuz from the pictures the Miroir looks pretty stiff so that may make it a lot harder to get in and out of...
  7. Mini Lin!:love:
  8. Agree:yes:
  9. Unfortunatley that is how I am, LOL! I may actually go take alook at it in person tonight!

    See that's the thing - practical versus something that will stand out and is a collectors piece. To be honest, I'm the kind of person that buys a new bag (ok maybe a few new bags) every year and except for my LV's I tend not to use the same bag from year to year. I think you are right jadecee, I've got to see it in person before I make a decision.
  10. I agree :yes: If you wait, there may be other Mini Lin colors out, then you can get the speedy because it's here to stay!
    Miroir will only last for 1-2 seasons? So I'd say get an LE item first.
  11. I love the min lin. and I have it now but I would rather own a LE piece. If you think that you will not be able to purchase many LV's tho I think it is important to begin with staple pieces. Also keep in mind that the mirror speedy is around $1200 (and may be difficult to get right away) and the min lin speedy is $675! That's a jump.
  12. Min Lin. The Miroir line doesn't appeal to me.
  13. I am with the girls above! Wait to see them both in person.

    OR! If you're a person that loves limited stuff, then just get it! Cause yeah the Mini Lin is a permanent line... (for how long, we'll see... ha, JUST KIDDING...)

    Remember the Speedy in the Mirroir collection isn't going to be the same size as an actual 30.... (although yes yes it does say Speedy 30, but it really isn't...) but anyway!

    If I was a girl I'd probably go for the Speedy from the Mini Lin line! At least I know I can wear it more in the long run! :smile:
  14. ^ITA... Min Lin :yahoo:
    I was trying to be good and stay on my purse ban, but the Min Lin may sway me.. :graucho:
  15. I say the Min Lin, you will definitely get more use out of it and with the money you save from not getting the Miroir, you can get an accessory of some sort!