Need Customer Service Help...Please (long)


Sep 20, 2006

I sort of need help. I had problem with Verizon Wireless' service..and now I'm having problems with my internet provider, RCN.

Basically, I'm moving, so I needed to cancel my service. I called two weeks ago, and they said the only time someone could come by was on Dec. 8th which was today. The time that was available afterwards, would be too late, I will be long gone out of this country.

At first, I was going to leave the cable box with my management office, but then I heard all these horror stories about how a lot of people had their cable boxes lost during the process..and even though they returned it..they still had to pay hundreds of dollars for it. This was b/c they did not personally sign for it.

After hearing this, I decided 12/8 & I would wait at home. They said, that they would come by anytime from 8AM to 8PM. I took a day off of work today JUST so I could wait for this person. I waited and waited and by one came. I called RCN only to find out that someone came by around 1:50PM. This is ridiculous..I mean, I have a doorman who said no one came for my apt., I was home the whoooooole day..didn't even go out for lunch/coffee/nothing, I WAS HOME. I did not hear a knock, my house phone nor my cell phone rang. THIS MAN DID NOT COME...

I told customer service this, and the only thing they could do was send a notice informing the billing department who would then send a notice to the technician that supposedly came. They said that the only thing I could do was wait, either get a prepaid package they would send me, or go to their drop off locations. I told them that I didn't want to use any of those methods

1. if that package gets lost in the mail, it's my fault..and i will pay 150. b/c I didn't want any chances of it getting lost or what not in the first place..I CHOSE to stay home today.

2. Going to their drop off location by taking public transportation is 4 transfers between buses and trains, or $60 cab ride round trip and I would have to take another few hours out of my work.

3. Making another appointment would be fine...but the only time they have is after I leave the U.S...

I waited until 8PM in hopes that he would have the heart to show up..but he never my question now is...

How can I nicely talk to customer service to resolve this issue. I want them to come by on Mon/Tues with a shorter time frame than 8-8, like 8-11. For anyone in customer service, who can I talk to that actually has power to do something? I spoke with a supervisor who proved absolutely useless. I'm really upset..I wasted a whole day for nothing. How would you guys handle this?????

Sorry so long...
I read thru the whole rant and I think you should figure out
a. is it fiscally possible to take a floater day off work?
b. is there an off day (weekend they have to be open at least a couple of hours on a weekend perhaps that you can drop the box off)
c. courier service (you know those bike messangers) to drop if off
d. take a cab there and take pub tran back (you save the $30 rather than the $60)