Need Consolation Purchase --

  1. Well, my Boston Red Sox have been swept clean by the (darn) New York Yankees in five games ... so I need some consolation. :crybaby: :crybaby:

    A trip to Hermes seems like it would be in order. Suggestions for a "little something" being taken -- from my enabling fellow PFers!!
  2. Sorry to hear about the game. Hermes trip is definitely in order:yes: . I think you should get the following:

    Enamel Bracelets
    Kelly Dog Bracelet
    Collier de Chien Bracelet
    Credit card holder
    Maybe a nice cashmere coat? It's never too early to shop for the next season:graucho:
  3. Kou - I knew I could depend on someone to bring back my focus!

    Optikangel - That Skipper bracelet in red is a GREAT idea!!! :yahoo:

    My SA is off on Mondays, so it leaves me a little time to ponder.....
  4. GET THEM ALL!!!:nuts: I mean, you have a GOOOOOOOD (and I mean REALLY GOOD) reason to do it.
  5. We are a HUGE redsox family! My DH woke up our poor sleeping baby cursing at the TV last night during the 9th inning.

    I think you should get a red clic-clac H bracelet.
  6. Another great idea - thanks, Addicted!!

    At least it was still Sunday in the 9th inning out there -- it was 1:30 Monday morning before that thing (mercifully) wound up. I have been pretty much useless today between being tired, listening to the game this afternoon :censor:, and cruising PF.
  7. I agree with addicted - the clic clacs are so fun!! Love mine and you will too!
  8. Love the idea of a bracelet. You can wear to the games if you go. Can't really wear many Hermes things to a baseball game. :flowers:
  9. The red clic clac would be darling!
  10. I like the bracelet idea too!! It's something you can wear all the time to show your Red Sox pride!:yes:
  11. :yes: ITA red clic clac or skipper!
  12. Get both get both!!! You have a legit reason to do it! You won't only be doing it for yourself, you'll be doing it for us. You see, buying lots of Hermes will make you feel better about the game, a happy funnyredhed will make all the fellow PF-ers happier too because we would hate to see you upset ... Therefore, your buying will benefit everybody~~~~

    Get both get both!
  13. LOL get everything Kou recommended!!
  14. Hhhmmm now I have the urge to get a red clic clac or skipper to wear for the games and such! If I left work now, I could make it to the boutique before it closes!