Need computer help

  1. Hi Ladies,

    If anybody who is computer savvy can help, it would be much appreciated. I let a friend of a friend borrow my computer for a few hours, which I did not really like, but didn't want to say anything because I didn't want to be rude. Well, I thought it was suspicious when the person returned my computer with the internet history erased and all cookies erased. I am wondering if there is anyway I can check my hard drive to see if anything was saved or downloaded into there?

  2. Have a look at your temp internet folder usually held somewhere in Sys32 folder.
  3. How do I find the folder? I tried a search, and nothing came up. TIA!
  4. Going to my computer and sorting your hard drive by date should tell you about files recently added. Also check and see if you have a temportary internet file maybe under Document and Settings/Local Settings. HTH!
  5. If you can't navigate to it through programme files folder, try just doing a search for "Temp" it may take a while but should throw up the temp internet folder. Also if you have not got any anti spyware on your computer I suggest you download either one/all of the following:

    Spybot - search and destroy
    Spy Doctor

    They are all free downloads. Until you've run a full spy ware check and anti virus check I would not log onto any of your sites that requires you to submit a password.

    Just me - I'm over cautious.
  6. How do I view my hard drive and sort it by date?

  7. Thanks! I'm running Adaware right now!
  8. My cousins borrowed my laptop once, and they had a sheepish look on their face when I got it back. Needless to say, when I logged on to the internet I got popups of women in some NASTY positions :wtf:
  9. ^^^^^^ ewwwww.