Need Compu Experts Help!

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  1. I set my hotmail password to be expired every 72 days (yesterday was the last day) but I couldn't figure out my password yesterday :wtf: ... (it was a very long pw ... ) the more bad part is i forgot my secret answer as well :cursing: .... and i didn't set another email contact so can send the instruction to ... now i lost all my msn contacts, what to do? Is there any ways I can retrieve my email account? Any computer experts here?? please help!!! :shrugs:
  2. Oy...A few years ago I was able to contact Hotmail to get my email address back as I had forgotten my secret answer as well. They ended up asking me things like "Who did you send your last email too" and "What was the last email you read in your inbox". After a few days and some weird questions later, I got my password back :smile:
  3. wow really? how did you contact hotmail? i mean what's their emaill address? i wanna get my account back as well :sad: