Need Compact Wallet-- please help me decide

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Anais or Adele Compact

  1. Adele Compact

  2. Anais

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Thanks in advance for your input. I am using my small crossbody bags and backpack mini all of the time now. So, no use for the insolites and zippys that make up most of my wallet collection.

    I have considered a number of the compact wallets and have narrowed it down to the Anais and the Adele Compact. Anyone own both? Which one do you prefer?

    I like that the Adele gives a pop of color, but I prefer the layout of the Anais, so I am torn. Also not a fan of the fushia and that's the only color that remains in the Adele compact. PLEASE HELP!

    Also, anyone know when next adele colors will arrive? Wonder what they will choose... I hope something bright for summer like yellow or teal or something.

  2. there's a new one coming called Victorine.. It has 6 cc slots, bill compartment which u do not need to fold in half, coin compartment, and it is smaller than Adelle compact.
  3. Between the two the Anais has my vote since it sounds like it would fit your needs better and it seems to be more robust/better constructed. The Adele just seems so thin/unsupported and I've heard that the ends are prone to being bent because of that...not to mention that it only comes in fuchsia at the moment which clearly doesn't wow you.
  4. I like the structure and layout of the Anais better. If your bags are on the smaller side, the Adele might be better since it's slimmer.

  5. Wow any photos?

  6. Thanks so much guys! All great points. Fushia certainly doesn't wow and I can see how the ends might get bent on the Adele compact. Def interested to know if there's any cool colors coming out. Anais seems like a very solid option, but there's no wow factor. Hmmmm...
  7. Ups just delivered it.. I'm going to unbox it :woot:
  8. Waiting in anticipation!
  9. Here's one while we wait on shoppaholic's reveal!

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  10. Thanks! I considered this, but not hot on the fushia and was concerned RB is a bit too light for me.
  11. Does anyone know if the Anais have an open flap on the bill compartment? I am considering the Anais or the Victorine, but I'm concerned that bills might fly out if one side is open.
  12. For me, functionality trumps a pop of color. I have the Anais wallet, and I use it in small handbags. It is perfect.
  13. Is the open flap an issue for you when inserting bills? I like the functionality of the Anais too, but I'm concerned that bills are less secured due to the open flap.
  14. It doesn't have an open's closed on both sides like the Victorine