need comments about Dior Cannage Drawstring Medium (pink)

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  1. ohhh.I think it's very cute bag!
  2. thanks:heart: , but i am a little bit worry about the quality, my friend told me the leather is not very good, and easy to get scratch, is that true?:crybaby:
  3. hello melody and warm welcome to the forum! :yahoo: i dont have that aprticular bag but i could never complain about the quality of Dior bags ... how did your friend gain that knowledge ?:p all i can say i have never had any trouble with mine... im sure your gonna love that pink cannage if u decide to go for it! :smile:
  4. Hi Melodywei!

    I agree with Nat! I've owned the grape/brown Cannage drawstring before and the lambskin feels wonderful and is also not easy to scratch.

    Lambskin actually feels a LOT more luxurious than's quite soft to the touch :biggrin:
  5. awwww the bag is sooo cute!!! The pink one is cute for sping and summer. I like the white one too or the black...:heart:
  6. Thanks so much for your comments, girls, I am so moved:crybaby: feel much happy now :p I think i will get this bag, it is really really cute. I hope this bag won't be on sale soon in store or outlet:rolleyes:
  7. I have this in black and I LOVE it! It is built very sturdy. Unless you plan on putting bricks in it, it should hold up well. Like anything else, if you take care of it - it will take care of you! No bag is indestructable no matter how expensive it is.
  8. Very it in the white!
  9. I prefer the black or white...i know...more boring...but it would go w/ a lot more outfits. It's a beautiful bag!
  10. :sad: we don't have white in here, can't try it :sad: maybe you are right, i will go this week see if they have a white one. thanks.
  11. pretty! Definitely get it! :smile:
    I'm still a newer Dior addict, but love the bags that I do have! I've had no problems with quality at all. I was a bit worried about using my lambskin Lady Dior cannage bag in particular (the others are either calfskin or the material/microfiber that the Dior Lovely is made of) as I heard that lamskin is very delicate. It is so luxe though and I've used it quite a bit and it still shows no sign of wear. I just cannot help but not use is always an instant pick/cheer me up piece. I feel so glam using it. :smile: Oh and if it does pick up a tiny scratch, it is easy to gently buff it out with your thumb (a trick my SA showed me when I was torn between the calfskin and the lambskin due to delicacy). Dior bags truly are exquisite. You will not be disappointed. :smile:
  12. Lately, I've seen ppl on some other forums discussing how poorly made Dior bags are and I seriously got so defensive :cursing: , lol. I love Dior bags and own 6 of them, all from different lines. I've been so happy with the quality of the bags and you can spot how well made they are right away, from the quality of the leather, stitchings, metal hardwares, etc. I keep getting compliments on them and I'm proud of carrying them with me. So really, for those people who trash talk about our beloved babies, please stop! Uless you have photos or whatever hard evidence to show us that you can support what you're saying.

    Sorry if I got carried away there.:sweatdrop: Melody, I think that's a beautiful bag and the lambskin feels and looks so luxurious.

  13. ITA Dior Junkie ! :yes: honestly i dont know where people take those ideas about Dior being made poorly :nuts: ... plus a wel;come from me on the Forum hope to see you more often ! and post pics of your collection please ! i looove drooling on the keyboard while looking at all those gorgeous Dior bags ! :drool:
  14. Dior bags are beautiful made of high quality materials.