need comments about Dior Cannage Drawstring Medium (pink)

  1. anyone? :sad:
  2. I haven't personally heard anything about bad quality on Dior products. You could try posting your question in or searching through the Dior sub-forum.
  3. thanks, dear :heart:
  4. I think the drawstring bag is sort of a cop out for Dior. The shape is as old as the hills...nothing new here...they can do better, much, much better
  5. You're welcome. I like looking at drawstring bags, and I think yours is cute, but I would never buy one. I know the drawstrings will just drive me crazy (tugging on them all the time), and the way I corner in my car, everything will just fly out :smile:
  6. I don't know about the quality of Dior, but I am assuming that it is very, very good. I just purchased my very first drawstring handbag, and I am actually loving the way it feels, and I don't find myself pulling on the drawstrings all the time to make sure things don't fall out, which is a very good plus because I do not like to fumble around in my purse.
  7. I'm personally not a huge fan of drawstring bags, but I think the Dior one is pretty cute. I do have a Dior tote though and the quality is great!
  8. I love Dior bag but I'm not a fan of this one, the shape isn't very interesting to me and looks like a grandma's purse, but maybe IRL it's stunning. I have a Dior saddle and the leather is soooo soft:heart:
  9. I actually think it's cute, but I personally wouldn't pay that much for that kind of bag. Cute but nothing too special. I've never heard of Dior's quality being poor, but I would think if there was something wrong w/ their craftmanship, they would replace it.
  10. I don't particularly care for drawstring-style bags, but the Cannage leather is really wonderful.
  11. For that kind of money I would save a bit more and buy a Chanel. The bag is cute but I think the price is a bit much.
  12. i never have dior bags...
    but i think that cannage is hot! i like it when i saw the ad with kate moss.

    btw, i like it the best in red and black :p

  13. I really like the bag!
  14. Its adorable!